Wednesday 11 December 2013

Kings of Spun the 16th & Spunland Spun'mas news 

Hail Spunlings! And so to the final Coronations of 2013. Yes, Super Spun congratulations to Krybillao (EU) and Gadereth (NA), not only the 16th Kings of Spun and the only Spun'mas Kings but also the final Spun Majesties of 2013!! Uncle Spun was perhaps a little too full of festive cheer as he whizzed his way around our competing kings in the festive frenzy that was Spunland last night. One is particularly happy to report that the 16th Coronation was busier than any seen so far.
In Europe the Spun Crown was taken by Krybillao – notable as he staked his Claim on it at CandyDragon’s coronation the week before! There was, and not for the first time sadly, some unspun acrimony over the coronation – Uncle Spun must offer his apologies again for being so ignorant as to only speak English & High Spunerese which can inhibit communication in an area as big as the EU. If you suspect that there was some foul play at one of these most majestic of occasions you can always email Uncle Spun the details to:
The North American coronation was certainly lively – and once again Uncle Spun was thrilled to see Majesties past and present. Spun Congratulations to Gadereth who quite frankly came from nowhere to win the Spun Crown! Indeed the occasion was an anxious one for Uncle Spun – it is always with dread that he faces the prospect of the hour chiming when the Spun Crown has reset due to the beginning of the Spun Harvest, to see spunling competitors race to claim their regal reward and see it flit from spun head to head before it settles on one who can hold it for longer than a few spun seconds. Such was the North American coronation! Callooh! Callay! Such Spun excitement was almost too much for Uncle Spun. Then to top it off our most gracious majesties and spunling cohorts posed for the best Spun Picture that Uncle Spun has managed to capture so far. Over these 16 momentous occasions Uncle Spun has learned that it is not the photographer who makes the picture, it is the subjects, so to you dear friends he sends Spunderous Thanks from the bottom of his spinning little spun heart!
Talking of photos – we will be running a Spun’mas Card Competition from tomorrow – the Coronation competitions may be finished for 2013, but this final competition will cap the Spun Year and offer those that compete the chance to win a Spunland Cottage and other Spunland goodies – details will be posted shortly...
Big Spun thanks again to all of our Spun Majesties and indeed contestants, Spunland would be quite literally empty without you! From the new year the coronations will take a different form.
Have a Spun Day!

Wednesday 4 December 2013

Kings of Spun the 15th and Spun'mas Update...

Spun Salutations to you! Today sees the start of all thing's festively Spun with the release of the Spun'mas Commerce items, yes now you too can perambulate the vivid vistas of Home as a lively twinkling Spun'mas Tree, or ride around on Father Spun's favorite festive Steed – the joyously jingling Spundeer LMO. If celebrating the season at Home is more to your liking then the Spun'mas Tree Active Furniture item will bring light and gifts to your apartment, but words will fail to convey what this short clip surely can. This is but the start, from next Wednesday (11th) Father Spun will be coming to Spunland...

And so to the Coronations. Spun Congratulations to our 15th Kings of Spun! Uncle Spun was besides himself with joy to see our old friend CandyDragon claim the crown in Europe. She has been our regal majesty before, indeed before the advent of the Spun Crown LMO – which finally is rightfully her's! All Hail! Apologies again to amadeo83, who not for the first time was smitten viciously by unspun bugs, alas! And to Krybillao; we hope to see you compete for the Spun Crown next week.

Across the Great Atlantic things were a little more dramatic. Our previous Spun Majesty Acker55 watched graciously from the side as his compatriots competed for the Spun Crown. CarWashCrew was clearly leading when, at 3 minutes to the appointed hour Acker55, whilst trying to plant a Spun Seed accidentally took the crown! Alack! Confusion reigned, and acrimony would have won the day were it not for Acker55's dash to the Bank of Spun to deposit his hard won gains – and so CarWashCrew became our 15th NA King Of Spun! Congratulations Majesty! And Spun respect and thanks to Acker55! As you may see from the photo below Acker55 posed with our new Spun Majesty both in their Spun Crown's – Uncle Spun is pleased to say this seems to be becoming something of a tradition – the new Majesty posing with the old.

So next week's coronation - whoever holds the Spun Crown at 8pm GMT in the EU and 4pm PST/7pm EST in NA on Tuesday the 10th of December will be our 16th Kings of Spun!

Hope to see you then!

Thursday 28 November 2013

Kings of Spun the 14th...

Hail Spunlings! Apologies for the delay in Uncle Spun's post; it has been a disconcerting week. Yes, for some unspun reason Uncle Spun could not pass through the great Spun Pipeline to Spunland NA on Tuesday evening. Most unsettling to find one's self frozen out of Spunland at such a critical time, but what can be done?

Congratulations to APPIE1615 - the 14th EU King Of Spun. APPIE1615 it seems is one of our more bashful majesties, as Uncle Uncle Spun did not get the honour of conversing with our latest EU monarch. Perhaps one was suffering from the invisibility affliction again (it happens), or maybe APPIE1615 was just too busy with regal appointments. Either way Uncle Spun wishes him well and hopes he enjoys his Spun Crown!

And so our 14th NA coronation occurred 24 hours after it was planned. Uncle Spun arrived in Spunland early to make sure that he could, consequently with his own outsized eyes he saw that Acker55, our 14th NA Spun Majesty was King then as well as 4 hours later!! Yes, Spun Congratulations to Acker55 - majesty of the incredibly large score, spuntastic persistence and no small amount of regal generosity! Uncle Spun was besides himself with joy to photograph our new majesty besides our previous majesty Akina8373 and his other exceptionally well dressed friend phatso! Big Spun thanks to you all!

All things being well next week the coronations will both take place on Tuesday the 3rd of December. Whoever has the Spun Crown at 4pm PST/ 7pm EST in NA and 8pm GMT in the EU will be our 15th Kings of Spun! Note the Spun Engineers are still looking for ways to improve the coronations, although nothing new on this will appear until after Spun'mas... Oh and to all of our Spunling Cousins on the far side of the Great Atlantic - have a truly Spun Thanksgiving!

Wednesday 20 November 2013

Kings of Spun the 13th & Spun news

Hail Spunlings! Before getting onto the latest Coronations Uncle Spun has a few pieces of news to relate. First off, today sees the launch of Spun Commerce Items #7 including the Spunny Farthing LMO – a high Spun , not exactly bicycle (it has only one wheel) for you to ride around on (complete with horn to honk), the Spunling Suit Bundle; Happy and Angry Spunling full body suits each with their own emote. These emotional fellows are like somewhat smaller versions of the mighty Dukes of Spun. Finally for your consideration is the Rabbit Hop LMO bundle containing rabbit ears and tail rendered in the 3 Spun Colours for you to Hop about with.

The Spunland Shop Maze has been updated to include the Spunny Farthing for you to try, and a few other new items have been added too – including (drum roll please!) the Spumpkin Broom Broom LMO reward from Spuno’ween! Yes, as promised it’s back for those who missed it and will remain in Spunland until the beginning of Spun’mas. Spuno'ween can also be visited once more from the Spunland Portal Reward and from The Relocator in the Spunland Apartment too.

Spun'mas. Yes, our festive version of Spunland will run from the 11th of December until the 31st, for now all that Uncle Sun can divulge is that Father Spun (or Spunta as the ever uncouth engineers call him) will be visiting, bringing gifts for all good Spunlings. More will be revealed shortly!

And so to the 13th Kings of Spun! Spun Congrats to Imhokh our EU Spun Majesty and Akina8373 Majesty of NA! In Europe it looked for the longest time as though the most alluringly (un)dressed Lady-Melanie was destined to win, when Imhokh swept in from nowhere to seize the crown! As you can see from the pictures erstwhile Majesty Gigizen was present in his Spun Crown, and so Uncle Spun got a pic of the 13th and the 1st EU Kings of Spun together! Calloo, callay, how Spun! Apologies to the disgruntled amedeo83 - it seemed he too was in the regal running but was beset by bugs. Our commiserations and apologies to you sir!

In North America all things Spun were busier and bigger. Indeed there was even a hint of unspun shenanigans, but our new majesty was steadfast and true and won by a large margin! Spun Congratulations to the gracious Akina8373 who even changed into a new costume for her coronation picture! Talking of things Unspun, Uncle Spun was accosted by another previous King of Spun last night, who asked that Uncle Spun remove all reference to him in these missives, your wish is our command, from henceforth you shall be referred to as  John Unspun, thus respecting your desired anonymity. We hope you are happy with that.

Next week, on Tuesday the 26th of November - whoever holds the Spun Crown at 8pm GMT in the EU and 7pm EST/4pm PST in NA will be our 14th Kings of Spun! Hope to see you there!

Wednesday 13 November 2013

Kings of Spun the 12th and Spun Update

Hail Spunlings! And so we have our 12th King's of Spun – the spuntastically unpronounceable iLmlgLiOrE9r Spun Majesty of the EU and countrygirl5991 the indisputable Spun Majesty of North America! Unfortunately Uncle Spun has little time today to spend relating the Coronations, as his attentions are being called this way and that with preparations for Spun'mas. Yes, Spun'mas will be upon us sooner than you think!

The EU Coronation was a quiet affair, and Uncle Spun could not help but notice sam_reynolds01 flitting in and out of Spunland – one just hopes that this was not due to unspun crashes! The North American coronation was particularly noteworthy, not just for the glamour and confidence of countrygirl5991, but for the presence of one VMP123456789 in a full body Robo suit – Uncle Spun was most impressed by how fitting he looked wearing the Spun Crown!

Majesty countrygirl5991's unseemly confidence in winning the Spun Crown brought once more to our attention the skewed nature of the contest, and so discussions have begun on how we might best change the coronations to make them more of a contest. Your suggestions are more than welcome.

Before signing off let me once more congratulate our new Kings of Spun and mention one or two small items of news; As of today Spunland Commerce Release 6 finally brings North America up to date with Europe, which is how matters will remain from this day on. Hopefully. Next Wednesday Spunland Commerce Release 7 (the Spunny Farthing!) will appear on both sides of the Atlantic simultaneously, and the Broom Broom LMO reward will once again appear in the Shop Maze, until the start of Spun'mas – about which Uncle Spun will have more to say next time!

Next week's coronation - whoever holds the Spun Crown at 8pm GMT in the EU and 4pm PST/7pm EST in NA on Tuesday the 19th of November will be the 13th Kings of Spun!

Until then, keep it Spun!

Thursday 7 November 2013

Kings of Spun the 11th and Spuno'ween follow up...

Spun Salutations! Uncle Spun is spuntastically happy to announce that for the first time in over 2 weeks he made it into Spunland to perform the King of Spun Coronations, and so finally we have two new Spun Majesties! Yes, the EU King of Spun is one argonxenon, and our NA King is the mysterious John Unspun! But more on this in a moment...

It has been a very trying and exciting few weeks for us here in Spunland Mansions, what with the horrendously unspun bugs in the last big release, then the excitement and drama of Spuno'ween itself. In case you missed the fuss; it seems that our Chief Spun Engineer had made something of a schoolboy error and consequently Spuno'ween finished more than a little prematurely - at 6pm EST on the 31st as it happens. So after much head scratching, debate and downright argument it has been decided that the Broom Broom LMO will reappear in the Spunland Shop Maze as a free reward on the 20th of November and remain there until at least the 4th of December. That should be plenty of time for any of our deprived American cousins to find this most Spun of rewards. For those who missed out on Spuno'ween itself - well, some round the clock endeavors from our frequently sorry engineers have produced an answer; also from the 20th November the Spunland Portal reward item and the Spunland Relocator in the Spunland Cottage will now provide their users with the option to travel to Spunland in it's Spuno'ween guise. Note that relocating to Spuno'ween from the Spunland Cottage will not provide the usual Daily Score Bonus.

Now to the Coronations. Both the EU and NA were a little quiet last night and devoid of the usual friendly faces that Uncle Spun loves to see so much. Perhaps this is due to the unspun way in which we keep swapping the time and day of these most important of regal occasions, or perhaps a Spunling can only be cast into the great crash void so many times before return becomes impossible... Uncle Spun does not know, but can say with honest confidence that even if things were a little quiet, they were also pleasingly stable.

So the 11th EU King of Spun is the greatly named argonxenon - spun congratulations to you! For a brief moment it looked as though she were going to be pipped to the post by the crazily cartwheeling diablillo_18_bcn, but Spun justice prevailed and she managed to retrieve the freshly harvest-spawned Spun Crown just in the nick of time.

In North America the majestic honour was taken by John Unspun. There were more than a few attempts to thwart his regal ambitions, but John Unspun it seems is an incredibly cool and collected individual. Never before has Uncle Spun seen the bearer of the Spun Crown simply sit down and wait for the Coronation time, and with such confidence! Then, as soon as he accepted the Crown - he vanished! Not a word was exchanged or picture taken! For this empty coronation photo Uncle Spun will not so much apologize as simply extend his heartfealt gratitude to all of our previous Spun Kings, who have always kindly posed for their picture if not conversed with Uncle Spun. As to the enigmatic John Unspun, sir; one hopes that it was some intended inscrutable machination and not mere bashfulness that prompted your sudden disappearance! Spun Congratulations to you!

From next week we will keep the coronations as regular as we can. On Tuesday the 12th of November whoever holds the Spun Crown at 8pm GMT in the EU and 7pm EST/4pmPST in North America will be the 12th Kings of Spun! Have a Spun Week!

Thursday 31 October 2013

Happy Spuno'ween!

Happy Spuno'ween Spunlings!

So this is an unusual post for Uncle Spun. There were of course no coronations this week, meaning sam_reynoldsUS and richrich1991 are still our resident King's of Spun and will be until next Wednesday! Yes, that's right next Wednesday, not Tuesday. It seems that in all the furious work to fix those unspun bugs that beset us last week the Spun Engineers were a little too diligent in their safety precautions and accidentally made it impossible for Uncle Spun, or indeed the Dukes of Spun to visit Spunland. I would be most upset by missing out on the Spuno'ween festivities were it not for the fact that a few expeditionary sorties by one of our more intrepid engineers has confirmed that the bug bug fixes have indeed worked and that everyone except myself should be able to enjoy Spuno'ween safely with little chance of being cast into the unspun crash void...

The special Spumpkin Broomstick LMO reward will be available today only – so come visit Spunland, it can be found in the Shop Maze... somewhere.

Have a truly Spun Spuno'ween and Uncle Spun will see you all for next week's coronations: Whoever holds the Spun Crown at 8pm GMT on the EU servers and 3pm PST on the US servers on Wednesday the 6th of November will be the 11th Kings of Spun.

Wednesday 23 October 2013

Kings of Spun the 10th and Pipeline update...

Spun Salutations! And so we reach the the 10th King's of Spun, a milestone Uncle Spun would be rejoicing of even more were it not for the unspun bugs and bogies that continue to beset us! Spun congratulations to richrich1991 the 10th EU King and sam_reynoldsUS, to whose titles we will come shortly...

The EU coronation started swimmingly enough, many of our favourite faces were present and correct as usual, although for the first 5 minutes or so none dared touch the Spun Crown, perhaps they had a premonition of what was to come. Then the claiming began. Uncle Spun saw the crown flit from CandyDragon to ZaKawiia, to richrich1991 and back. Majesty GigiZen looked on, confusing even I for a moment by wearing his very own hard won crown. It was 3 minutes to 8 when the worst crash we have yet seen struck. It seemed as though the world shook with an almighty unspun judder, and from the reactions all around Uncle Spun could tell it was not just he who was thrown unceremoniously from Spunland. Several panic stricken relocations later Uncle Spun was back, just in time to crown richrich1991 10th EU King of Spun! Congratulations Majesty! And to all of those afflicted by that crash – deep, deep apologies – especially to CandyDragon.

In North America things were busier, but strangely more stable. The coronation went without a hitch, many managed to snatch the Spun Crown for some moments, but none could thwart the steadfast resolve of sam_reynoldsUS. Congratulations Spun Majesty! Sam is the North American King of Spun for the 2nd week running, the only Spunling ever to be Majesty on both sides of the Great Atlantic and the first to be King 4 times altogether! All hail!

Today we should see the latest hard work on the Spun Engineers go live. The chief Engineer appeared here last week to say a little on this as much has been added to Spunland, which always makes us rather nervous... who knows what new unspun bugs will have crept in. He tells me that they will do their utmost to update again as soon as possible. In the meantime I must advise against riding to the sky on a Spunflower whilst you are in Underspun. If you want to take extra precautions – do not ascend on a Spunflower even after having been in Underspun (big Spun thanks ZaKawiia).

Next week the 11th King's of Spun will be those who hold the Spun Crown at 8pm BST in the EU and 3pm PST in NA on Tuesday the 29th of October. Spuno'ween will follow 2 days later. Hope to see you there!

Wednesday 16 October 2013

Kings of Spun the 9th

Hello. It is a dark day at Spunland Mansions. The Chief Spun Engineer has suggested that my name be changed from Uncle Spun to Uncle Sorry. That's not exactly what he said, but it's all I can say for fear of causing offense. Yes, there were a few problems at last night's Coronations – and that during the North American ceremony was entirely my fault. I beg your pardon, especially from Majesty Sam Reynolds. The problems in Europe however were not exactly my fault, so after much heated debate the chief Spun Engineer has agreed to come here in person to 'explain'. But first to the ceremonies...

So our 9th Kings of Spun are GigiZen and sam_reynoldsUS. Spun congratulations to you – and it must be noted that both have been Kings of Spun before! Gigizen our latest EU majesty was also our first! But as with last week there was no little acrimony due to other competing spunlings falling foul of unspun crashes. Uncle Spun must consequently extend apologies and beg patience from Zakawiia and richrich1991 in particular.

In the US it was once more the mighty Sam Reynolds who took the crown, only in his US guise, which makes him the first Spunling to have been Spun Majesty in both territories! Super Spun Congratulations, and apologies again also. Uncle Spun was not in best form when he travelled across the Great Atlantic last night, the volatile nature of Spunland EU made every minute that he trailed the bearer of the Spun Crown a tension laden tribulation, a veritable fulcrum of torment! Yes, in desperate relief Uncle Spun offered the Crown to Sam, but a moment too late – the Spun Crown had just despawned, and there being no King of Spun, everything froze. Crash. Apologies. It won't happen again. At least, not like that. Promise.

And now let me introduce the chief Spun Engineer, be warned he can be somewhat uncouth and generally a little incomprehensible...

Aye, hello. Embarrassment is no something we usually have time for down in engineering, or apologies either – but eh, I hear we need to. So, sorry. There, that's that. Now the explaining bit. Some of the pipes in the darkest, smelliest parts of engineering have been there for quite a long time now, and when they were laid we had no idea what they were eventually gonna be asked to do. The thing is, since then we've grafted on all manner of new contraptions, and some of it doesny work so well wi the old pipes. Am telling you this as much as anything, 'cause next wednesday the latest upgrade work will go live, and the new spun will come flooding down them pipes and I for one am terrified. You see the latest work we've just finished was a huge job. We were working virtually round the clock to get it done, and I know that when the tap is turned there's bound to be quite a few eh... springs and leaks. Anyway – right now we're binding up our noses and heading back down to the stinky parts of the engine room to take a look at them old pipes. As soon as we possibly can we'll get the whole blinking thing upgraded – you hafta understand but, they never give us enough workers for rzzzfrrzgh...

And there you have it from the Chief Spun Engineer. Next week, on Tuesday the 22nd, whoever holds the Spun Crown at 8pm BST in the EU and 3pm PST in NA will be the 10th Kings of Spun! Hope to see you there!

Wednesday 9 October 2013

Kings of Spun the 8th

Spun Salutations! Uncle Spun begs your forgiveness if this missive is a little more  befuddled than usual. Yes, the journey down the Spun Pipeline to appear for the coronations in person was a most traumatic affair. Knowing, as many of you have noticed, that the previous stage of the pipeline work had introduced 'imperfections' into Spunland, Uncle Spun feared that he would be  cast off into the ether like so many Spunling Ghosts. Praise the Spun that this did not come to pass! This time.

And so to the Coronations. Spun adulation this week goes to sam_reynolds_01, EU King of Spun for the 2nd time! and to our persistent Spun Majesty smokingpistol - NA King of Spun for the 3rd week running! Heavens above! The 8th Spun Majesties were the first to receive the Spun Crown reward, which we hope they will wear with pride. One must pass on apologies to all of our previous Spun Majesties; it seems we cannot gift this regal reward retrospectively, so can only beg you come compete again!

Talking of which - Uncle Spun did witness some altercation in the EU (and to a lesser extent in NA too) which bears note. One dedicated and fashionably dressed Spunling who he had the pleasure to meet had been in Spunland gathering Spun Points for 5 hours, only to have the Spun Crown snatched from her close to the coronation time by Sam. Uncle Spun can more than understand her frustration at being pipped to the post, but must advise against the collecting of Spun Points for so long! The Spun engineers are working day and night to bring more Spun to Spunland and catch as many of the unspun bugs that they can, but even they (if they could) would not spend so long collecting spun for fear of a mighty unspun crash! There are tactics to employ which will garner you points faster, and multipliers to get if you know where to look - but that is all one can say for now.

The North American coronation was certainly the busiest and most lively Uncle Spun has seen there yet - and for this he thanks all who were present. There were however some spun phenomena the likes of which Uncle Spun has never seen, Spunlings achieving things which, well, one would have thought impossible. At this point Uncle Spun is choosing to put this down to the carelessness of the Spun Engineers, but he has his nagging doubts especially as some dear spunling friends in the EU had that very day brought to his attention unspun events that they had witnessed. Uncle Spun dare not mention this to the management without further evidence for fear of his brother being summoned, whom the less said about, the better.

Next week the 9th Kings of Spun will be decided on Tuesday the 15th of October at 8pm BST in the EU and 3pm PST in NA. Emergency pipeline work should be completed today, so with any luck there will no longer be a crash on entering Spunland when a Storm is in progress. Should you have any unspun experiences, crashes or anything you have a burning desire to pass on please email Until next Tuesday, adieu!

Wednesday 2 October 2013

Kings of Spun the 7th & the great Spun Pipeline update

Hail Spunlings! Uncle Spun is most excited this week to relate not only the observations of his favourite coronations so far but to herald the completion of the latest Spun Pipeline improvements!

First, the Coronations. Spun congratulations this week go to majesties piratedragon, and smokingpistol. Yes, piratedragon is the 7th Spun Majesty of the EU - she and her friend and erstwhile Spun Majesty CandyDragon worked together as a most impressive team. UncleSpun was initially confused; it looked as though he'd be crowning CandyDragon again, as piratedragon stood in the sky atop a Spunflower, gazing prettily down on all of the Spun shenanigans below but appropriately (as it turns out), majestically aloof. Then at merely minutes to the coronation time she dropped down and they cleverly exchanged the Spun Crown! To say more of their tactic would be unfair, but Uncle Spun must emphasize how impressed he was and how delighted were the Spun Engineers when told of this, their grimy faces glowing with wonder at the spuntastic Spunling harmony!

In North America things were a little more competitive, but ultimately no less wondrous as for the first time we have the same King of Spun for the second week! Rather spuntastically smokingpistol managed to see off ReccaWolf and others to retain his regal title! Super Spun congratulations Majesty! Can you claim it for a third week running, and be the first in North America to receive the Spun Crown reward? Which brings me inevitably to the Spun Pipeline upgrade...

Yes it seems that the third stage of the Spun Pipeline upgrade is complete. The Spun Engineers assure me that they have managed to eradicate various unspun bugs (including one where any score over 100,000 is incorrectly displayed and another resulting in unlikely numbers of rabbits being recorded). There is a new Spun Reward added - a Spunland Relocator for the discerning Spunling's apartment, and a temporary spun point multiplier that you receive if you visit the Spunland Shop. The most significant addition however is the introduction of the Spun Crown Reward for the future King's of Spun! This exclusive regal artifact will make it's debut next Tuesday (8th October) and be granted to the 8th Kings of Spun: to whoever holds the Spun Crown at 8pm BST in the EU and 3pm PST in North America. Until then I must return to the bowel's of Spunland Mansions to heed the mutterings about Spuno'ween (spun thanks GlassReaver). See you next week!

Wednesday 25 September 2013

The 6th Kings of Spun

Salutations Spunlings! Uncle Spun is pleased to announce the Sixth Kings of Spun and to relate a little of the rumours that he's been hearing from the engineers. Yes, if all goes according to plan the next stage of the Spun Pipeline will be completed very soon, meaning amongst other things that Uncle Spun will be able to appear for the Coronations in person, and have the untold honour of gifting the future Kings of Spun with a very special reward! Uncle Spun is beside himself with anticipation and will let you know as soon as he hears a reliable date. There are also some rumblings about a 'Halloween Party'.

As to the 6th Kings of Spun, it always warms Uncle Spun's heart to see familiar names compete for the Crown and so it is with great jubilation that he announces CandyDragon the 6th Spun King of the EU, and smokingpistol the 6th Spun King of North America! One cannot fail to notice that both were crowned whilst wearing the Spunland Harvest Head! A most useful piece of headgear clearly. Special mention must be made of how gracious both were to pose so well for photos and how pleasant it was to see dragonpirate too!

The next coronations will take place on Tuesday the 1st of October. Whoever holds the Spun Crown at 8pm BST in the EU and 3pm PST in NA will be the 7th Kings of Spun! Note, as smokingpistol asked at his coronation: there is no limit on the number of times someone may be the Spun King, and as yet no one has taken the honour more than once. Until then, have a Spun time!

Wednesday 18 September 2013

The Fifth Kings of Spun

Hail Spunlings! This week Uncle Spun is honored to announce the 5th Spun Kings. Both the EU and the NA servers were pleasantly busy with spunling activity and Uncle Spun would be a little despondant were it not for the fact, as he often finds in Spunland, that he learned something new. Let me explain...

The 5th Spun King of the EU is majesty KSA-al-azwry - Spun congratulations to her! However Uncle Spun is not fluent in whatever language that KSA-al-azwry employs. His ignorance shames him, but draws to attention that the Spun King of the EU, is of the EU servers which actually host a much greater swathe of this many colored world than just the European Union; it takes in Russia, parts of Western Asia and even as far flung places such as the vast Antipodean Islands!

In North America Uncle Spun found communication a little easier for his linguistically challenged brain. Spun congratulations are due to our glamorous (and not a little incredulous) Majesty LadySookie! Once again it seemed to Uncle Spun that too many Spunlings were unaware of the portentous regal event in which they were taking part, but this should in no way tarnish the majestic achievement of LadySookie. I am told that the Spun Engineers are hard at work on this communication problem, and that at some point in the near future there will be exclusive rewards for our future majesties, but more on this when it gets somewhat closer.

Talking of the future, the 6th King of Spun will be whoever holds the Spun Crown in the EU at 8pm BST, and in NA at 3pm PST on Tuesday the 24th September. Until then, have a Spun time!

Friday 13 September 2013

Kings of Spun, the fourth...

Hail Spunlings! Although the weather outside is foul this week finds Uncle Spun in fine form, buoyed up in his vital spirits by the majesty and graciousness of this week's Spun Kings. Yes, Uncle Spun is thrilled to report that this week's coronations were most convivial!

EU Spunland was busy and bustling, and special spun congratulations must be showered upon GlassReaver, our Fourth Spun King of the EU, for her perseverance at seeing off so many contenders for the Spun Crown (incidentally I am reliably  informed that GlassReaver is already the proud holder of a Certificate of Spun). Things were a little quieter across the  Great Pond, but lively still, where dutchie777 became our Fourth Spun King of NA, and to her Uncle Spun extend thanks for posing so prettily and responding so politely to his regal duties. Congratulations and heartfelt Spun thanks to you both!

Before I retire to my chambers there are a few matters which have been drawn to my attention that require some elucidation, I beg your forbearance... On the matter of Gender. Uncle Spun has noted that  despite the multifarious forms and features of the Spunlings that he has had the pleasure to see in Spunland, most display some outward sign of gender. It is with regard to this that Uncle Spun carefully chooses his pronouns, hence both Spun Kings this week are 'she'. Stop the lights! I hear you cry, does this not mean that they are Spun Queens? No, alas it does not. The Spun Queen is missing, an issue which none feel more acutely than I. The Spun Pipeline can no more produce the Spun for a Queen than a banana tree can bud a rose. Such is how things currently stand.

From next week the Coronations will be moved to Tuesday - there are fascinating and rather complex reasons for this, but I have waffled on a little too long here and so will explain at some later date. The key thing to know is that the Fifth Kings of Spun will be those with the Spun Crown on Tuesday the 17th of September, at 8pm BST in the EU and 3pm PST in North America. Until then have a truly Spun time!

Saturday 7 September 2013

Kings of Spun the Third

Greetings dear reader and apologies to those of you on the west side of the great Atlantic!
Uncle Spun was not aware that there was to be maintenance work on the North American servers on Thursday, and so had to postpone these most important of regal duties till Friday. Consequently the Kings of Spun are from different days this week, a most perturbatious state of affairs, which we will try hard not to repeat.

Spun congratulations are due to Ageria123 for being the third Spun King of the EU and to TheOriginator36 the  majestic Spun King of NA. One does wonder however if our new majesties are even aware of their elevated status. I tried as hard as I could to engage them in some repartee, but to no avail - is my countenance so grim, or do the Management need to employ some kind of Spun Herald to ensure that Spunlings far and wide know of this most significant of weekly events? Such musings are for the moment no more than rhetorical, since the disapearance of the Spun Queen we have been more than a little short staffed, and hence why Uncle Spun with no particular aptitude for picture taking finds himself on these weekly adventures.

Next week, servers permitting it will be Thursday the 12th of September that our coronations will take place. Whoever holds the Spun Crown at 8pm BST in the EU and 3pm PST in NA will be the Fourth Kings of Spun. See you then, and remember - don't be shy. Have a Spun day!

Friday 30 August 2013

The Second Kings of Spun!

Welcome dear reader to my ongoing attempts to catalogue the glorious majesty of the Spun Kings! This week I was spuntastically gratified to find that sam_reynolds01 was to become the Spun King of the EU! This will no doubt ease some consciences down in engineering, those who caught my missive last week will know to what I refer, and that's the last that will be said about the matter. Spun congratulations Sam!

The situation in North America was... rather more Spun than I was expecting. Yes, our second Spun Majesty of the Americas was none other than a certain bettyboop_001. No matter how much I tried, bettyboop_001 would neither not stop for a photo, or utter a word, which is perhaps not entirely surprising as she moved with a speed which frankly I have never seen. One does wonder how such a thing is possible? Anyway, congratulations to you too, oh spun speedy one, bettyboop_001.

Next week I'll be on my coronation photography duties on Thursday the 5th of September, at 3pm PST in North America, and 8pm BST in old Europe. See you then, if not before at this week's Spunday Sunday! Caio for now.

Saturday 24 August 2013

The First Spun King

Spun salutations to you, dear reader. Uncle Spun has has found himself busier than usual this week, and indeed performing tasks for which he had no known aptitude. On Friday, at the behest of engineering he ventured into Spunland - on both sides of the great Atlantic! - to photograph the first Kings of Spun. Much as this was a great honour I feel that my inexperience with such technical equipment has resulted in images which do no justice to the First Majestys of Spun, and for this I apologize from the bottom of my spun heart. Next week I will have a much better idea of what to expect and shall not fumble the camera contraption quite so much, I promise you.

It seems that this ceremony of picture taking makes the King at that very moment, the Spun King of the week. You may be interested to hear that I brought to engineering's attention the inherent unfairness of this, especially as I saw the valiant Spunling Sam Reynolds fall prey to unspun bugs and lose an honour which should rightly have been his! The tirade of abuse that I received upon making this assertion is a keen indicator that the engineers know they are at fault, but not yet what they will do about it.

In the meantime it is left only for me to congratulate GigiZen and Shinra_Soldier7 on being the first Spun Kings and to tell everyone else that I shall be back in Spunland with my camera on August the 29th, at 4pm PST in North America and 8pm GMT in the European Union. Until then here are the pictures, have a Spun day...

Tuesday 20 August 2013

Spunland Pipeline Stage 2 Complete!

Greetings Spunlings! Uncle Spun here, I've just taken a wander down into engineering to see what all the groaning of pipes and clanking of clanky things is about, and bless my cotton socks, it turns out that this great clattering cacophony is not actually for nothing! 

Heavens above, I had given up all hope of anything constructive ever actually emerging from this creaking engine since the mysterious disappearance of our great lady the Spun Queen, but I digress. Yes. This scrotty little engineering spunner tells me that stage two of the great Spun Pipeline is complete. I'd let him speak for himself, but I fear you would not understand his inchoate ramblings, so I shall paraphrase as best I can.

Apparently they have sunk a bore hole into the heart of the Spun! On the sunny side this has caused the wonderful Spun Crown to manifest above the striped pipe's gaping maw. It floats there teasing and calling out like a two bit hussy to any who would lay claim to the title of Spun King. But be warned, I stretch not my metaphor when I say that the Spun Crown is a capricious thing and will leap to any suitor bearing more Spun. Note, she does not like the storm so much; the advent of inclement weather will cause her to shrivel and retreat until the fulsome blossoming of the Spun Harvest.

On the not so sunny side, the pipe has also released an entity which, I if my understanding of northern Spunnerese does not fail me, is known as 'The Spun Hopper'. It is a simple thing, perhaps to be pitied in its monotonous trajectory, but to be avoided nonetheless. It has a thirst for spun and will take whatever it can get. That's you, by the way. What it can get I mean.

I suspect that all of this is as clear to you as a Spun Doctor's prescription, but it is time for me to retire to the drawing room and think happy thoughts of the days when our glorious majesty was here to guide us to greater things. I bid you, have a Spun day.