Sunday 12 April 2015

The Final Kings of Spun (not the Kings of Final Spun)

585 days after GigiZen became the 1st Spun King in the EU, JamCar0ne became the 74th and final King of Spun in North America. On that day, or rather at 2 minutes after the start of the following day (according to Pacific Standard Time - the reigning time convention on the West Coast of the  Americas), which happened to be the first day of April, Spunland vanished.

 As did a multitude of other worlds. 

None could say for sure why such a thing had come to pass, but all who cared to notice saw the upheaval that it caused. Some would claim it an apocalypse of sorts, but a thing so vast and wide,  a weave of impossible friendships and glorious shared imaginings, like some raging tropical river - cannot be suddenly stopped. At worst its dammed. The strongest currents will always find a way around the rocks, and a thousand streams be born where previously there was but one, and may yet again rejoin, or spread in countless ways. But still, on that 1st of April, Spunland vanished.

The Killswitch started counting down the final days on January the 1st 2015. Ninety days remained until the looming Great Obstruction. To almost all intents and purposes Spunland EU was deceased before that dark day, or would have been, were it not for the valiant Spunlings from across the Great Atlantic. dxkills16, GreyNeo and JamCar0ne would in traversing the Spun trans-atlantic pipeline become NeoDx_1, VeiledNeo and JamCarToo to compete in each Spun contest, or merely play their part in keeping it alive. The final EU crown was taken by sam_reynolds01, truly the first Knight of Spun, indeed the most convincing contender for the very first crown of Spun. His destiny took him elsewhere for a stretch but spuntastically he returned in time to claim his own. Imhokh also was there to see the final EU contest, thus 2 of the only 3 people to ever bear the 4th July Crown, were there to share the end day’s spun.

On that final day in Spunland NA, the many tribes of Home came out to play, or just to watch and share that most poignant of times. Hammies, Homelings and every stripe between gathered in groups to chat or chased the crown in earnest. Many previous Kings of Spun were spotted among the throng, proudly wearing their crowns or glitching with them in the contest. After thirty frantic minutes JamCar0ne was crowned the final King of Spun.  

Had sam_reynolds01 not won the terminal EU contest, the overall Majesty of Spun would have undoubtedly been dxkills16. Majesty dxkills16, the ultimate happy spunling and like sam before her a true Champion of Spun; many were the times she could have won but instead let another own the glory of the moment. Spunland was proud to have such noble Monarchs. Sam’s EU win brought his total Crowns to 20 (counting both sides of the Great Atlantic) - the very same as dx and so we celebrate them both as our joint Kings of Kings of Spun. All hail.

And so 770 days after the first spunling spawned in Spunland EU, Spunland vanished. We celebrate our final Kings of Spun, but not the Kings of final Spun, for that which vanishes may just as soon return. The spun no longer flows down the pipes that bore the fun, but gathers here and there in pools and burbles. For all who came to see what fun they could make, Spunland thanks you, and bids you mark: the Spun is with you always. #SpunForever.