Friday 30 August 2013

The Second Kings of Spun!

Welcome dear reader to my ongoing attempts to catalogue the glorious majesty of the Spun Kings! This week I was spuntastically gratified to find that sam_reynolds01 was to become the Spun King of the EU! This will no doubt ease some consciences down in engineering, those who caught my missive last week will know to what I refer, and that's the last that will be said about the matter. Spun congratulations Sam!

The situation in North America was... rather more Spun than I was expecting. Yes, our second Spun Majesty of the Americas was none other than a certain bettyboop_001. No matter how much I tried, bettyboop_001 would neither not stop for a photo, or utter a word, which is perhaps not entirely surprising as she moved with a speed which frankly I have never seen. One does wonder how such a thing is possible? Anyway, congratulations to you too, oh spun speedy one, bettyboop_001.

Next week I'll be on my coronation photography duties on Thursday the 5th of September, at 3pm PST in North America, and 8pm BST in old Europe. See you then, if not before at this week's Spunday Sunday! Caio for now.

Saturday 24 August 2013

The First Spun King

Spun salutations to you, dear reader. Uncle Spun has has found himself busier than usual this week, and indeed performing tasks for which he had no known aptitude. On Friday, at the behest of engineering he ventured into Spunland - on both sides of the great Atlantic! - to photograph the first Kings of Spun. Much as this was a great honour I feel that my inexperience with such technical equipment has resulted in images which do no justice to the First Majestys of Spun, and for this I apologize from the bottom of my spun heart. Next week I will have a much better idea of what to expect and shall not fumble the camera contraption quite so much, I promise you.

It seems that this ceremony of picture taking makes the King at that very moment, the Spun King of the week. You may be interested to hear that I brought to engineering's attention the inherent unfairness of this, especially as I saw the valiant Spunling Sam Reynolds fall prey to unspun bugs and lose an honour which should rightly have been his! The tirade of abuse that I received upon making this assertion is a keen indicator that the engineers know they are at fault, but not yet what they will do about it.

In the meantime it is left only for me to congratulate GigiZen and Shinra_Soldier7 on being the first Spun Kings and to tell everyone else that I shall be back in Spunland with my camera on August the 29th, at 4pm PST in North America and 8pm GMT in the European Union. Until then here are the pictures, have a Spun day...

Tuesday 20 August 2013

Spunland Pipeline Stage 2 Complete!

Greetings Spunlings! Uncle Spun here, I've just taken a wander down into engineering to see what all the groaning of pipes and clanking of clanky things is about, and bless my cotton socks, it turns out that this great clattering cacophony is not actually for nothing! 

Heavens above, I had given up all hope of anything constructive ever actually emerging from this creaking engine since the mysterious disappearance of our great lady the Spun Queen, but I digress. Yes. This scrotty little engineering spunner tells me that stage two of the great Spun Pipeline is complete. I'd let him speak for himself, but I fear you would not understand his inchoate ramblings, so I shall paraphrase as best I can.

Apparently they have sunk a bore hole into the heart of the Spun! On the sunny side this has caused the wonderful Spun Crown to manifest above the striped pipe's gaping maw. It floats there teasing and calling out like a two bit hussy to any who would lay claim to the title of Spun King. But be warned, I stretch not my metaphor when I say that the Spun Crown is a capricious thing and will leap to any suitor bearing more Spun. Note, she does not like the storm so much; the advent of inclement weather will cause her to shrivel and retreat until the fulsome blossoming of the Spun Harvest.

On the not so sunny side, the pipe has also released an entity which, I if my understanding of northern Spunnerese does not fail me, is known as 'The Spun Hopper'. It is a simple thing, perhaps to be pitied in its monotonous trajectory, but to be avoided nonetheless. It has a thirst for spun and will take whatever it can get. That's you, by the way. What it can get I mean.

I suspect that all of this is as clear to you as a Spun Doctor's prescription, but it is time for me to retire to the drawing room and think happy thoughts of the days when our glorious majesty was here to guide us to greater things. I bid you, have a Spun day.