Tuesday, 12 February 2019

The Spunluv Bundle is out now, just in time for Valentines. It features more than 20 items - many of them animated, from pulsing, chest bursting hearts, beating headphones,  the spun shower, return of the spuntacles (now with animating spinning spun), t-shirts, hearts to make whole with your special friend and much, much more!

The Spunland Cottage is now in its Valentines theme and should remain so until Sunday the 17th.

Spunland Cottage update 3 is coming along slowly but surely - its probably still a few weeks away, but when it lands it'll bring little Robo Spunner back to the world!

(pic courtesy of Abiatha)

Have a spuntastic Valentines and drop by the discord to say hi!

Saturday, 26 January 2019

Spunland Cottage Update the third...

Spun Salutations! Here at Spunland Mansions we're hard at work on the 3rd update to the Spunland Cottage on Atom Universe. Hoping to publish sometime in February this one introduces the Robo Machine (or Makee or maybe Presto-Chango Kiosk) to the cottage, a device for customising robos. As a result Uncle Spun will also take up residence to provide a welcome to new tenants and inform about the various features of the environment.

We will also have new music loops courtesy of the ever spuntastic Dubwegians for the Sonic Spunners to play, ensuring that the music can be heard throughout the cottage in a less repetitive way.

Here's a video of where the robo machine is at so far, have a spun day!