Wednesday 10 February 2021

Valentines & Descending


From the 10th of February for at least a week and probably longer, the Spunland Cottage on Atom Universe will be wearing its Valentines theme! We often forget to change it back, so unless some kind Spunling reminds us  it is likely to stay this way until St Patrick's day. Hopefully this Valentines finds you well and able to stay safe.

You may also be interested to hear that the composer of the spuntastic Spunland music has a new album out under the moniker Ben Ledi - these lovely electronic sounds can be found on bandcamp now...

Saturday 11 May 2019

The Big Spun Head Bundle

The Big Spun Head Bundle is out today! Contains 32 items including hats, hair, glasses and moustaches. There are Adam & Eve versions of everything except some of the hair-dos, and spun coloured variants of most items. All for the spuntastically measly price of 599 molecules! Have a spun day!

Sunday 28 April 2019

Spun Flight

This weekend sees the release of our Spun Flight items. These 8 animated wearables are all sold individually for 149 molecules each. Sadly they do not make you fly, only look Spuntastic as you strut your stuff around Atom Universe. They can be found under the Spun Bundle heading in the Accessories section of the shop. Have a spun day!

Saturday 13 April 2019

Happy Easter!

Spunnish Easter greetings to you! This one brings a fresh crop of spun in the form of the Egg Legs bundle - 19 full-body-suits (variations on 5 base designs) with customizable colours! Strut your easter stuff in spun-out style!

Spunland Cottage update 3 also sees the light of day - its been a long time coming but it's finally here! This new update brings Uncle Spun to welcome newcomers and provide useful hints and info. Then we have the Robo Machine where you can swap Uncle Spun's hat and moustache out for other Robo accoutrements and thereby grant the little spunner new behaviours. The room containing the Robo Machine (the gallery) has seen some substantial renovations too and a few more pictures have been added - see if you can spot yourself in any of them!

The Music & Sonic Spunner's behaviour have also been updated. Dubwegians recreated the spun loops to minimise repetition and maximise spun pleasure! Sonic Spunner will no longer switch them off, in fact after you have activated him he will ignore you completely, we're planning to address this in the next update... 

There have also been a bunch of small fixes - big spun thanks to people for pointing them out (looking at you JamCar0ne - and everyone else who helped - we really should commit names to a list). There are a couple of known bugs in this new update - if you spot any please do drop by the Spunland Discord to let us know...
Have an eggcelent spuntastic easter  y'all! 

Tuesday 12 February 2019

The Spunluv Bundle is out now, just in time for Valentines. It features more than 20 items - many of them animated, from pulsing, chest bursting hearts, beating headphones,  the spun shower, return of the spuntacles (now with animating spinning spun), t-shirts, hearts to make whole with your special friend and much, much more!

The Spunland Cottage is now in its Valentines theme and should remain so until Sunday the 17th.

Spunland Cottage update 3 is coming along slowly but surely - its probably still a few weeks away, but when it lands it'll bring little Robo Spunner back to the world!

(pic courtesy of Abiatha)

Have a spuntastic Valentines and drop by the discord to say hi!

Sunday 23 December 2018

Season Greetings from the Spunland Cottage!

Seasons greetings to one and all! I was about to draft a spunmas tweet and fb post when it occurred to me that there was more to say than could adequately be fit in such, so here we are...

After an absence of more than 3 years (longer than it had existed for!) we were over the moon to have Spunland reappear this year, albeit in the limited form of the Spunland Cottage (private space) on Atom Universe, just in time for Spunoween!

The Cottage is not exactly the same as its PlayStation Home incarnation, there are a few things missing and more than a few added - as of last week the second update since launch went live introducing a new Spun Clock and various other improvements.

Indeed that's really what inspired the resurrection of this blog - observations by the ever astute Ren Echo drew to our attention the fact that we have no record of all the many mutations that Spunland went through on PSH (and there were many!) so we plan to let you know what's been done, and what's on the way right here. Before getting on with that though I should point out that the Cottage is available as part of the Spunland Bundle on Atom Universe - with it you also get a selection of spun head gear...

Several walk-through videos have been made by some lovely people and uploaded to YouTube, but I won't link to these simply because spoilers (there are a few secrets to discover) - instead here is the trailer we made for the Cottage:

Critical to the improvements on the Cottage has been the spunderful community on our Discord server which you can join here. Special mention must be made to JamCar0ne for providing such concise feedback - not all of the issues which he discovered have yet been fixed, but they will be!

As mentioned above the latest update introduced the Spun Clock and also some HUD elements so that you can better track your progress through the spun cycle. Once you've activated all of the trees a harvest will start. Fruit appears on the clock to tell you how long the harvest will last. With every piece of fruit you collect the Spun icon will fill a little, fill it all and rabbits will start to spawn at the end of the harvest for as long as will now be indicated by the rabbit on the clock. Makes sense? Well as much as anything spun does I'm sure!

The update also included some optimizations so that it all runs significantly better on the PS4, a side effect of which sadly is that the Spun Lake has evaporated for now (there's a story there for sure - thx  Luuk Hoekstra!) - it will hopefully return at some future point ideally along with further optimizations.

In addition to the Cottage update the Spunmas theme arrived last week (it will last until the 31st December) and also a Spunmas Bundle for sale including the following items:

Plans for future updates include the addition of a little robo Uncle Spun to act as a guide and hint giver, a button for setting the music on everywhere, additional features for the spun themes (including new musical elements) and as mentioned above further optimizations and bug fixes. Perhaps we'll do some twitch dev streams in the new year too.  If you have any features you'd like to see drop by the discord or post a comment here.

It's spuntastic to be be back, and we're looking forwards to 2019 being a proper Spun year. Huge thanks to our ever friendly community, especially for your patience, we had no right to believe that you'd still be interested in the Spun after all this time! Finally big thanks to Atom Universe for giving us a new home!  Have a very merry Spunmas everyone, see you in the new year!

Sunday 12 April 2015

The Final Kings of Spun (not the Kings of Final Spun)

585 days after GigiZen became the 1st Spun King in the EU, JamCar0ne became the 74th and final King of Spun in North America. On that day, or rather at 2 minutes after the start of the following day (according to Pacific Standard Time - the reigning time convention on the West Coast of the  Americas), which happened to be the first day of April, Spunland vanished.

 As did a multitude of other worlds. 

None could say for sure why such a thing had come to pass, but all who cared to notice saw the upheaval that it caused. Some would claim it an apocalypse of sorts, but a thing so vast and wide,  a weave of impossible friendships and glorious shared imaginings, like some raging tropical river - cannot be suddenly stopped. At worst its dammed. The strongest currents will always find a way around the rocks, and a thousand streams be born where previously there was but one, and may yet again rejoin, or spread in countless ways. But still, on that 1st of April, Spunland vanished.

The Killswitch started counting down the final days on January the 1st 2015. Ninety days remained until the looming Great Obstruction. To almost all intents and purposes Spunland EU was deceased before that dark day, or would have been, were it not for the valiant Spunlings from across the Great Atlantic. dxkills16, GreyNeo and JamCar0ne would in traversing the Spun trans-atlantic pipeline become NeoDx_1, VeiledNeo and JamCarToo to compete in each Spun contest, or merely play their part in keeping it alive. The final EU crown was taken by sam_reynolds01, truly the first Knight of Spun, indeed the most convincing contender for the very first crown of Spun. His destiny took him elsewhere for a stretch but spuntastically he returned in time to claim his own. Imhokh also was there to see the final EU contest, thus 2 of the only 3 people to ever bear the 4th July Crown, were there to share the end day’s spun.

On that final day in Spunland NA, the many tribes of Home came out to play, or just to watch and share that most poignant of times. Hammies, Homelings and every stripe between gathered in groups to chat or chased the crown in earnest. Many previous Kings of Spun were spotted among the throng, proudly wearing their crowns or glitching with them in the contest. After thirty frantic minutes JamCar0ne was crowned the final King of Spun.  

Had sam_reynolds01 not won the terminal EU contest, the overall Majesty of Spun would have undoubtedly been dxkills16. Majesty dxkills16, the ultimate happy spunling and like sam before her a true Champion of Spun; many were the times she could have won but instead let another own the glory of the moment. Spunland was proud to have such noble Monarchs. Sam’s EU win brought his total Crowns to 20 (counting both sides of the Great Atlantic) - the very same as dx and so we celebrate them both as our joint Kings of Kings of Spun. All hail.

And so 770 days after the first spunling spawned in Spunland EU, Spunland vanished. We celebrate our final Kings of Spun, but not the Kings of final Spun, for that which vanishes may just as soon return. The spun no longer flows down the pipes that bore the fun, but gathers here and there in pools and burbles. For all who came to see what fun they could make, Spunland thanks you, and bids you mark: the Spun is with you always. #SpunForever.