Saturday 13 April 2019

Happy Easter!

Spunnish Easter greetings to you! This one brings a fresh crop of spun in the form of the Egg Legs bundle - 19 full-body-suits (variations on 5 base designs) with customizable colours! Strut your easter stuff in spun-out style!

Spunland Cottage update 3 also sees the light of day - its been a long time coming but it's finally here! This new update brings Uncle Spun to welcome newcomers and provide useful hints and info. Then we have the Robo Machine where you can swap Uncle Spun's hat and moustache out for other Robo accoutrements and thereby grant the little spunner new behaviours. The room containing the Robo Machine (the gallery) has seen some substantial renovations too and a few more pictures have been added - see if you can spot yourself in any of them!

The Music & Sonic Spunner's behaviour have also been updated. Dubwegians recreated the spun loops to minimise repetition and maximise spun pleasure! Sonic Spunner will no longer switch them off, in fact after you have activated him he will ignore you completely, we're planning to address this in the next update... 

There have also been a bunch of small fixes - big spun thanks to people for pointing them out (looking at you JamCar0ne - and everyone else who helped - we really should commit names to a list). There are a couple of known bugs in this new update - if you spot any please do drop by the Spunland Discord to let us know...
Have an eggcelent spuntastic easter  y'all! 

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