Wednesday 4 December 2013

Kings of Spun the 15th and Spun'mas Update...

Spun Salutations to you! Today sees the start of all thing's festively Spun with the release of the Spun'mas Commerce items, yes now you too can perambulate the vivid vistas of Home as a lively twinkling Spun'mas Tree, or ride around on Father Spun's favorite festive Steed – the joyously jingling Spundeer LMO. If celebrating the season at Home is more to your liking then the Spun'mas Tree Active Furniture item will bring light and gifts to your apartment, but words will fail to convey what this short clip surely can. This is but the start, from next Wednesday (11th) Father Spun will be coming to Spunland...

And so to the Coronations. Spun Congratulations to our 15th Kings of Spun! Uncle Spun was besides himself with joy to see our old friend CandyDragon claim the crown in Europe. She has been our regal majesty before, indeed before the advent of the Spun Crown LMO – which finally is rightfully her's! All Hail! Apologies again to amadeo83, who not for the first time was smitten viciously by unspun bugs, alas! And to Krybillao; we hope to see you compete for the Spun Crown next week.

Across the Great Atlantic things were a little more dramatic. Our previous Spun Majesty Acker55 watched graciously from the side as his compatriots competed for the Spun Crown. CarWashCrew was clearly leading when, at 3 minutes to the appointed hour Acker55, whilst trying to plant a Spun Seed accidentally took the crown! Alack! Confusion reigned, and acrimony would have won the day were it not for Acker55's dash to the Bank of Spun to deposit his hard won gains – and so CarWashCrew became our 15th NA King Of Spun! Congratulations Majesty! And Spun respect and thanks to Acker55! As you may see from the photo below Acker55 posed with our new Spun Majesty both in their Spun Crown's – Uncle Spun is pleased to say this seems to be becoming something of a tradition – the new Majesty posing with the old.

So next week's coronation - whoever holds the Spun Crown at 8pm GMT in the EU and 4pm PST/7pm EST in NA on Tuesday the 10th of December will be our 16th Kings of Spun!

Hope to see you then!

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