Thursday, 31 October 2013

Happy Spuno'ween!

Happy Spuno'ween Spunlings!

So this is an unusual post for Uncle Spun. There were of course no coronations this week, meaning sam_reynoldsUS and richrich1991 are still our resident King's of Spun and will be until next Wednesday! Yes, that's right next Wednesday, not Tuesday. It seems that in all the furious work to fix those unspun bugs that beset us last week the Spun Engineers were a little too diligent in their safety precautions and accidentally made it impossible for Uncle Spun, or indeed the Dukes of Spun to visit Spunland. I would be most upset by missing out on the Spuno'ween festivities were it not for the fact that a few expeditionary sorties by one of our more intrepid engineers has confirmed that the bug bug fixes have indeed worked and that everyone except myself should be able to enjoy Spuno'ween safely with little chance of being cast into the unspun crash void...

The special Spumpkin Broomstick LMO reward will be available today only – so come visit Spunland, it can be found in the Shop Maze... somewhere.

Have a truly Spun Spuno'ween and Uncle Spun will see you all for next week's coronations: Whoever holds the Spun Crown at 8pm GMT on the EU servers and 3pm PST on the US servers on Wednesday the 6th of November will be the 11th Kings of Spun.

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