Wednesday 13 November 2013

Kings of Spun the 12th and Spun Update

Hail Spunlings! And so we have our 12th King's of Spun – the spuntastically unpronounceable iLmlgLiOrE9r Spun Majesty of the EU and countrygirl5991 the indisputable Spun Majesty of North America! Unfortunately Uncle Spun has little time today to spend relating the Coronations, as his attentions are being called this way and that with preparations for Spun'mas. Yes, Spun'mas will be upon us sooner than you think!

The EU Coronation was a quiet affair, and Uncle Spun could not help but notice sam_reynolds01 flitting in and out of Spunland – one just hopes that this was not due to unspun crashes! The North American coronation was particularly noteworthy, not just for the glamour and confidence of countrygirl5991, but for the presence of one VMP123456789 in a full body Robo suit – Uncle Spun was most impressed by how fitting he looked wearing the Spun Crown!

Majesty countrygirl5991's unseemly confidence in winning the Spun Crown brought once more to our attention the skewed nature of the contest, and so discussions have begun on how we might best change the coronations to make them more of a contest. Your suggestions are more than welcome.

Before signing off let me once more congratulate our new Kings of Spun and mention one or two small items of news; As of today Spunland Commerce Release 6 finally brings North America up to date with Europe, which is how matters will remain from this day on. Hopefully. Next Wednesday Spunland Commerce Release 7 (the Spunny Farthing!) will appear on both sides of the Atlantic simultaneously, and the Broom Broom LMO reward will once again appear in the Shop Maze, until the start of Spun'mas – about which Uncle Spun will have more to say next time!

Next week's coronation - whoever holds the Spun Crown at 8pm GMT in the EU and 4pm PST/7pm EST in NA on Tuesday the 19th of November will be the 13th Kings of Spun!

Until then, keep it Spun!

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