Saturday 12 April 2014

Spun Out Of Control

Spun Salutations Dear Reader, it is with much distress that Uncle Spun finds himself writing this missive here today, but needs must when the Unspun Devil drives... On Wednesday of this week (9th April) our latest Spunland bug fix went live, only it seems to have fixed one bug by opening the door to a host of others, indeed one cannot stay in Spunland now for more than 5 minutes without a mighty unspun crash striking.  Uncle Spun is sorry to say that we need to postpone the coronations until we get this fixed. It is unfortunately not the first time we have had to do this, but such is the nature of continually evolving the Spun.

The last substantial update to Spunland (in February) added a lot of new functionality, but somehow introduced a bug that we have never been able to reproduce in our test version of Spunland. You may have spotted things in Spunland being 'out of sync', that is to say occasionally you will see someone planting a seed during a storm, or even planting a seed on a patch where there is already a fully grown spunflower, meaning that their version of Spunland is not the same as yours. This is particularly bad during the weekly coronation contest, when occasionally you may spot the Spun Crown suddenly disappearing from the current apparent King to reappear on the head of another. In this case someone's Spunland is probably experiencing a harvest (when the crown gets reset), so they have been able to take it from a place where it should not be... All most unspun.

Anyway, the Spun Engineers added some new code to try keep everyone's Spunland consistent, and it looks like this is causing crashes all of the time (which one supposes is a consistency of sorts - just the opposite of that desired). We are now hard at work on another fix, but as we cannot reproduce the problems in the test environment it is rather tricky, so we beg your patience. If you visit Spunland be sure to save at the Bank of Spun often, for a crash is likely to be at most minutes away.

We will let you know as soon as a new fix goes live, then, once we are convinced that the fix has worked the Coronation Contests will resume. In the meantime we beg your patience and ask that you accept our most humble apologies. Have a Spun Day.

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