Friday 18 April 2014

Majesty of the Unspun Bugfix I

Spun Salutations Dear Reader, it is with spuntastic pleasure that Uncle Spun finds himself announcing that lilmonstersmiler made Spunland history on Thursday by being crowned Majesty of the Unspun Bugfix I! It was no ordinary coronation occasioned as it was by the need to test the latest bugfix, the cause of no small amount of trepidation for we at Spunland Mansions, and Uncle Spun is more than thrilled to relate: It works!! It works!! Callooh! Callay! Although it is 'Unspun Bugfix I' as another is required... The catastrophic crashes of last week are banished, and from this initial test it looks like our spunling playmates are all in sync, the one obvious outstanding issue being that many of our spunflowers seem invulnerable to storms and are not dying as they should. We will be looking at restoring mortality to the spunflowers as soon as we can, should you spot any other unspun behaviour please let us know.

Big Spun thanks to Majesty lilmonstersmiler, CathedralDream, tieKiller and the others who came out to help us test the fix. The test took place only in North America due to tedious demands of time and space, which also resulted in the unusual circumstances of both madmunkis being in the same physical location for once and consequently sharing an Avatar!

 Next week a normal spun service will resume - so on Tuesday 22nd of April come compete for the title of 26th King of Spun! EU 8 - 8.30pm BST, NA 4 - 4.30pm PDT / 7 - 7.30 EDT. Have a Spun Day.

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