Tuesday 11 February 2014

Spunland Birthday Update & New Kings of Spun...

Spunland Birthday Update

And so to the ins and outs of the latest improvements to the great Spunland Pipeline. The Spun Engineers have been hard at work for more than a mortal month on tweaks and tucks to bring you the latest in fresh Spun. 

First up there are 4 new rewards but the length of time that all of this work has taken resulted in no small amount of Spun Point inflation, and even though the cost of all of these new items may seem somewhat expensive compared to those that originally made their d├ębut in the Bank of Spun, we are aware that there are many of you with so many Spun Points already that you may be able to purchase them all immediately. It is just not possible to keep up with the prodigious generation of Spun! The rewards are 3 new Character Cubes (furniture item) and a Flying Rabbit Spunner Companion.

We will not list all of the Spun changes here, for that would spoil the surprise and with all things Spunwise we would rather that you experienced them for yourself, but to give some idea, and a reminder of things that you may have forgotten:

  1. Uncle Spun’s effusive greetings have been shortened, and once he has performed his welcoming duties he will repair to his post by the Spunland Shop where you may peruse his help on various Spun matters. Don’t be shy!
  2. From henceforth if you wear any Spunland Full Body Suit Commerce item (i.e. this is not true of the Spun Tree suit or the Spun on a Stick reward costumes) you can plant up to 3 seeds on any Spun Patch, and should you be hit by the perfidious Spun Hopper you will lose only 20% of your hard earned Spun Points rather than half. How kind are we?
  3. Spunner Rabbits will spawn continually throughout a Spun Storm from any Spun Plant that died. When one is caught another will come bouncing from the same rabbit hole. Rabbits will also no longer flee back to their holes at the end of a storm, but rather continue their frantic perambulations until caught, this coupled with the continual storm spawning should make things more lively and present the opportunity for the harvesting of more Spun Points than ever! The Rabbit HUD display now shows simply the number of rabbits which are active rather than the numbers you have caught resulting in a more useful and less confusing display.
  4. Most phenomena which produces spun will now fill the Spun Bar – that’s the display item on the top right which previously one would only have seen during harvest when collecting fruit. As you are hopefully aware the bar fills partially upon the picking of fruit and drains slowly, whenever one fills the bar a seed is got. This Spun functionality now extends to almost all Spun phenomena so that you may earn seeds from well, most things!
  5. The King of Spun will now receive Spun Points for dismissing the Spun Hopper. This the regal one does by simply running into the Spun Hopper. It should also now be easier for the King to catch rabbits – as always when a rabbit gets too close it will be sucked up into the Spun Crown, but the catching code is a little more forgiving than it once was.
  6. The Score Multiplier received for visiting the Spunland Shop will now last for 4 minutes rather than the previous stingy 2.
  7. Underspun has changed substantially and all that we will say here is; if Spunland is particularly busy it is probably best to visit underspun when it is NOT stormy. Consider yourself warned.
  8. Quitting. It has come to our attention that homelings perhaps do not realise that they can ‘exit’ Spunland (as in the game they are attached to when they arrive), but remain within Spunland. The only things that you cannot do whilst NOT being part of the game are; create clouds, plant seeds, visit the shop or take the Spun Crown. This was always the case so that you might catch rabbits and collect fruit whilst buzzing about on your favourite LMO (which as we are sure the experienced homelings among you will know is not possible if you are attached to a minigame).
  9. Spun’oween. All of the new changes (and all future ones to come) will work in Spuno’ween – that special version of Spunland that you can visit only via the Spunland Portal Reward item, or from the Relocator in the Spunland Cottage. Note when you enter Spun’oween, although it looks and sounds completely different you are still sharing the same Spunland space with everyone else. Oh, the one functionally different aspect of Spun’ween is the Spunland Shop which features different Spun Items to try and still includes the spunderful Broom Broom Reward item LMO for any who have yet to get it!
  10. Spunners. We are pleased to announce that the Flusho is back in Spunland roaming freely – but only during the day. At other times he will be replaced by another Spunner with differing habits, but we’ll leave you to see the details for yourself.
The Kings of Spun

From the 13th of February the weekly Spunland Coronation contest will finally be exactly that; a contest. Gone will be the days of competing against the unspun bugs to see who can grind spun for the longest without having an unspun crash! No longer will Spunlings be able to harvest Spun for up to five hours, denying any who arrive near the coronation time a chance to win the Spun Crown! Yes, the new contest will last a mere 30 minutes.

Uncle Spun will leave his post at the Spunland Shop and announce the start of the contest as always. All who are present, and those who arrive later will be asked if they wish to compete, doing so will bank any Spun Points you have, resetting your current score to zero (don’t worry it is saved for you – the points are not lost). Only those who are taking part in the contest will be able to take the Spun Crown whilst the contest is active. You will only be able to claim the Spun Crown from its current owner if you have more Spun Points than they.

Uncle Spun will coronate whoever has the Spun Crown at the allotted end time, gifting them the new Spun Crown LMO. Our new, freshly coronated Sovereign will then have the opportunity to have their photo taken that they might appear in the Royal Register on the Spunland website, and Uncle Spun’s musings on the particulars of the event will be published here the following day. The new reward is a purple Spun Crown LMO, which unlike the previous white incarnation will boost the wearer’s movement speed.

We are aware that some dodgy bit-fiddlers (that’s spunnerese for ‘hacker’) have a cunning way of obtaining Rewards that should otherwise be earned, but mark; they will never appear in the register of true Kings of Spun, regardless of what treasures they have garnered by theft!

EU Coronation Contest: 8-8.30 pm GMT, NA Coronation Contest: 4 - 4.30pm PST / 7 - 7.30pm EST. Thursday 13th February.

Hope to see you in Spunland! Have a Spun day!

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