Wednesday 19 February 2014

Second Kings of Spun 2014

Hail Spunlings, Uncle Spun here to congratulate our 2 new Kings of Spun; BlueCirrus King of the EU and oft seen but never unspun, sam_reynoldsUS King of NA!

The EU coronation was a tad on the quiet side, quite possibly as Uncle Spun was so besides himself with odd humours that he started the Coronation a full 30 minutes early! For this please accept his humble apologies. Yes, it was a fairly quiet coronation, dominated throughout by BlueCirrus. There was an early appearance by the then current EU majesty monopolheat, and JamieBoyUK even managed a brief sojourn with the Spun Crown just after the 3rd Spun Storm of the Coronation, before losing it conclusively to BlueCirrus. Congratulations again majesty!

North America on the other hand was busy, second only to our special birthday celebration. Stealing Hearts, Spun Majesty of last week stood graciously by overseeing the frantic proceedings and what proceedings they were! Although many spunlings managed to take the crown for a spell the real competition was clearly between sam_reynoldsUS, ReccaWolf and the spuntastically attired smokingpistol! Yes these 3 fought it out amongst themselves with sam reigning supreme in the end, again. On must remark that sam_reynoldsUS and smokingpistol now tie for the most number of times any Spunling has been King of NA !(3 times each - although sam_reynolds01 has been twice EU majesty).

Special mention must be made to all of those who stayed to chat, congratulate the new King of Spun and pose for more spunderful photos, Uncle Spun will have to find suitable place for posting the best of these! (you can see all kings of Spun Past here). Yes, spun thanks to Akina8373, lilmonstersmiler, Stealing Hearts, phatso64 and the rest! Hope to see you all next week, when Uncle Spun will get the time right - that's a Spun Promise!

Next Coronation: Tuesday 25th February, EU: 8 - 8.30pm GMT, NA 4 - 4.30 PST, 7 - 7.30 EST.

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