Wednesday 25 June 2014

Kings of Spuno'ween and further controversy...

Spun Salutations dear reader! This week saw the return of Spuno'ween and consequently the crowning of our first Spuno'ween Majesties; All Hail luukhoekstra, 35th EU King of Spun and 1st EU Spuno'weeen King and Spun congrats to smokingpistol NA Glitchking of Spuno'ween! And therein lies the controversy, so before regaling you tales of regal strife and recent news let Uncle Spun proceed immediately to the omnipresent bugbear that is glitching...

By 'glitching' one means the use of LMOs whilst actually attached to the Spunland game. There is nothing wrong with exiting the game to use your favourite LMO for the catching of rabbits, collecting of fruit and other spun harvesting activities, however whilst doing so you will not be able to take the Spun Crown, unless of course you are glitching. As we have covered at length elsewhere Spunland was designed to allow people to do this, but for unspun technical reasons you should not be able to use an LMO whilst actually attached to a game, but the truth is that you actually can, in fact it can even happen by accident which is one of the reasons why we at Spunland mansions are loathe to overly berate anyone for doing so, even if it seems a bit naughty. Let us delve deeper...

There are a number of ways to get your LMO to work whilst playing the game. Arriving in the scene whilst you have an LMO active may work, or leaving the game, equipping an LMO then quickly rejoining may also work, but note that you may suffer unintended side effects and ultimately hasten the unspun crash void to come swallow you - or not, if you are lucky. So in general we advise against it, but as anyone can do this we cannot claim that doing so is terribly unfair, however we are sympathetic to those of you who are particularly riled by such tactics, so let Uncle Spun state unequivocally our position...

From the 4th July Coronation (Tuesday the 8th of July) new event based Spun Crowns will be coming to Spunland. The only time the 4th July Crown can be won will be on that date (the 8th, not the 4th, confusing yes). From the same date Spuno'ween will also finally have it's own unique Spuno'ween Crown, though other than by using the Spunland Portal Reward your first chance of winning this will be during the coronations of October (during which month Spuno'ween will fall on a tuesday). On these special event days glitching will be forbidden, and Uncle Spun will not reward a glitcher with the Spun Crown regardless of how long the contest has run. If it comes to it there will be no King under such circumstances. This rule will be explicitly stated on the event announcements. On 'normal' coronation events it is up to the individual, but do not be surprised if you provoke the ire of your fellow Spunland competitors by glitching.

And so to announcements. Today should see the fix to the AlphaZone4 Picture Puzzle go live, we will confirm this later once Uncle Spun has managed to complete at least part of it himself. Big Spun apologies to all those who suffered headaches from the unsolvable puzzle and super big spun apologies to May2009 who should now hopefully get to see her spunderful artwork!

Work has begun on the next update to Spunland beyond the 4th July Update, this next one will hopefully see the light of day at the very end of July. Should anyone have any suggestions of spun things they would like to see then let us know as soon as possible, indeed on this one Uncle Spun would like to thank SavoDeMort for the suggestion that black Spuno'ween rabbits should be worth more spun points as they are harder to catch. We will do this, but need to think more on whether such will also be the case during coronations - as contrary to what some may think we do actually believe in contests being fair!

Talking of contests... Spunland EU, resplendent in its Spuno'ween colours was as busy as ever last night. pinkkitten86 had the first touch of the crown, but quickly lost it to dogydog4 who barely had it settle above his head before it was snatched by luukhoekstra. sam_reynolds01 (his Spunling Ghost form fitting most majestically in the circumstances), MAXMALO and xesterman (disguised as a Spun Tree!) were the only others who managed to make a claim. For 3 entire cycles of Spun did luukhoekstra lay sole claim to the Spun Crown - quite an acheivement! Spun Congrats 35th EU Majesty of Spun with your impressive 35,812 Spun Points!

Spunland North America was just as busy as it's EU sibling, and even more full of Spun and suitably gothic flavoured costumes. lilmonstersmiler got us off to a brisk start, to be quickly bested by our glitching smokingpistolCyberpuck had a brief run but ultimately the contest was a struggle between Jess-dee-dee, SavoDeMort and smokingpistol who glitched his way to victory on his skateboard LMO with a spuntastic 36,842 Spun Points! All Hail!

Following the contest, at the suggestion of our new Majesty the madmunkis summoned the Dukes of Spun in their Spuno'ween form (tis rumoured that one may even have visited Spuno'ween EU earlier in the day). This being the first time that both Dukes manifested following a coronation we were bobified! But I will leave the details of that to those who were present, and say no more!

Next week, the 36th Kings of Spun will be decided on Tuesday the 1st of July. Spunland EU 8 - 8.30pm BST and Spunland NA 4 - 4.30pm PDT and 7 - 7.30 EDT. Have a Spun week!


  1. uncle, duke this is darth matt but as a fellow glicher i feel like i should stick up for my glicher friends i do got a few things to say for start the glich dosnt give you an advantage in anyway because people can exit the game and use there lmos at anytime like there doing the glich if you know how to play the game and pretty much do what you already sed a few post ago you will win honestly i think the flower head gives you more of a point boost then the glich because you get more points with the flower head from your seed because you can plant more of down and like the flower head anyone can do it so if some one is gliching beat them at there own game

    ps might crash the 4th of july 8th coronation becuse i play spunland to have fun and i play a game how i want to play not how people tell me how to play and not to win crowns or get on facebook page or your blog and website if and to all you people out there against gliching get over it if you dont like it go play another game
    thank you for listening and for your time see you at the coronation :)

  2. oh sorry on more thing i will probly show up to the 4 of july 37th cornation about an hour before it starts so if anyone wants to learn how to do the glich fill free to ask me i welcome all people glichers or non glichers wanting to learn to glich the only thing that will stop me is if duke or uncle ban me or something but i know them there good people i doubt they will do that they just want it to be a fair game but it already is more then fair. when its not broken don't fix it.
    thank you again for listening to my rants

    1. Spun Salutations Darth-Matt92! We are more than happy for you to turn up and explain to people how to get LMOs to work in the game. We have absolutely no intentions of banning anyone for using LMOs in this way during the special crown coronations (we just won't award the crown to them). We feel this compromise (i.e. anytime apart from the rare crowns is fine) is necessary for two reasons:

      1. Using an LMO whilst part of the game may make it more unstable - if this was not the case our position may well be slightly different.

      2. I think it is undeniable that some people feel intimidated when they see other people doing something that they regard as wrong and do not take part - I think that we saw that on the occasion when you graciously stepped aside at the last minute and let another non glitching player win a few weeks ago.

      You must do whatever you feel to be right, we can only make sure that we try to be fair to everyone - and hence the current position.

      Big Spun thanks for your comment - look forwards to seeing you buzzing around on your skateboard in Spunland :-)

      Have a Spun Day!

      Uncle Spun :-)

    2. I've ben doing the glich for almost a year i don't see how it it makes it unstable I've never had any problems. i believe packing so many people into one spot would cos more problems then someone doing this glich,

      As fare as game wise as long as you know what your doing in the game there shouldn't be any problems because the glich doesn't stop people taking the crown if you know how to play then you should get more points then the other person and be able to take the crown anyways

      and i can see why people would be intimidated but its not like we are hacking the game to give our selves points or something like that. and the reason they did't take the crown away from me when i stepped aside is because i had more points then them that's probably what intimidates people when they see the person has 30k plus points not seeing them on a skate board. and if they want to not do the glich then they don't have to its there choice not to take advantage of every little part of the game to win but i don't think you should punish people for playing the game how they want to play it.
      when i won the crown you sed its fine for people to do what ever they want to try and win the game and take advantage of anything to win well that's what i'm doing.

      Thank your for replying uncle have a spuntastic day as well :)