Wednesday 4 June 2014

Kings of Spun the 32nd & The Skeptical Duke of Spun

Spun Salutations dear reader! Uncle Spun here to herald our freshly coronated Kings of Spun. All hail luukhoekstra and dxkills16 our 32nd Spun Majesties of the EU and NA respectively!

Spunland EU was as busy as ever for the 32nd coronation contest; the land was packed and the Spun Crown hotly contested. Many were the familiar names and at least 2 erstwhile Kings of Spun did frolic with the spinning throng in their purple crowns (GlassReaver and onewingedmenace). yondi1982 began the competition with the first claim, but then swiftly lost it to chrisabuddy and the contest fell into a choppy rhythm with the regal title flitting this way and that. Of the many who took their majestic turn Imhokh, sam_reynolds01, MAXMALO and luukhoekstra did dominate. Imhokh moved so fast it seemed to Uncle Spun that none could catch him until sam_reynolds01 proved his mettle as always, then deliberately dropped the crown during the first Spun Storm to catch rabbits faster on his LMO. Luukhoekstra literally picked up where sam left off and in the end won the day. Of the many others who tried their luck Uncle Spun will mention only lady-Melanie who took control more than once and Ryanpowellrules because, well clearly it is a name worth repeating.

Then as usual Uncle Spun retired to Spunland Mansions to rest before the call of his North American duties, but no rest was in store as the halls rung with the banging and clanging of Spun Engineers at work in their laboratories below. This was somewhat of a surprise for Uncle Spun, which to explain requires something of a confession... You see one may have mentioned the Spun Engineers on more than a few occasions before, but the truth is that they were not there. Uncle Spun finds that he is often a little befuddled with the constant spinning of the spun, there was once a time when not a night’s sleep could be had within miles of Spunland Mansions for the constant din of a whole army of Spun Engineers at work, but this was back in the blessed days when our gracious Majesty the Spun Queen was still with us. Once Queenless Spunland lost it's engineers like a shivering autumn tree loses it's leaves. When Uncle Spun made previous mention of these industrious spunners, it was really only to the memory of them that he referred and yet here was the unmistakable sound of serious toil...

As quiet as his whirring wheels would allow Uncle Spun descended into the bowels of the mansion and from atop the gantries and behind the girders spied crews of Constructos engaged in all manner of furious activity. Their efforts seemed spread between three prodigious chambers. In the first a Robo spunner was imprisoned in a constantly changing maze of sliding blocks, trapped by his own limited set of instructions and threatened by the infernal bouncing of the Spun Hopper. Uncle Spun did not tarry here long as the cacophony of the second chamber demanded his immediate attention. In this vast hall all of the Spunland inhabitants were arrayed as though on a chess board, facing off each against the other in a most unspun and even threatening fashion. It is a long time passed since Uncle Spun saw such heated signs of Spunner contention.

The third chamber called Uncle Spun not with noise, but with light; a pulsing glow like that issued from the heart of the Spun itself, and the sibilant sounds of dare I say – our Queen! Callooh! Calllay! he thought as he whizzed excitedly towards the opening only to be stopped dead in his tracks by the fearsome Foreman of the Spun Engineers, the Skeptical Duke of Spun himself! Before explanations could be made the clarion call of the North American Coronation rang out and Uncle Spun shot unceremoniously down the great transatlantic pipe of Spun to the Spunland of our American cousins...

And thus in a most spun-out state Uncle Spun attended the NA coronation. Spunland NA was quiet, compared to its EU twin, fighto2247 may have begun the contest but could not compete with glitchking Darth-Matt92 and lilmissNEWORLEANS. Darth-Matt92 resplendent in his glitching two-crown form may well have won, but paused at the final respawning of the Crown and dxkills16 seeing her chance swept in to snatch it and became our 32nd NA Majesty. Big Spun congratulations to majesty dxkills16 and (not for the first time) Big Spun respect to Darth-Matt92.

Upon returning somewhat weary to Spunland Mansions Uncle Spun was glad to find that all was quiet, and so took the chance to get some sleep and save his questions for another day...

Next week, the 33rd Kings of Spun will be decided on Tuesdaythe 10th of June. Spunland EU: 8 -8.30pm BST, Spunland NA: 4 -4.30 PDT / 7 -7.30 EDT. Until then, stay Spun!

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