Thursday 7 August 2014

Kings of Spun the 41st & Spunland News...

Spun Salutations Dear Reader! Yesterday, one day late for reasons covered below, we crowned our 41st Kings of Spun - both with incredibly close scores and both have never been Kings of Spun before! Callooh! Callay! All Hail Hennryke, 41st EU King of Spun and tammy21218, 41st NA King of Spun! Before getting to the details there is much for Uncle Spun to relate...

To paraphrase what a famous Scottish King never actually said 'So Spun and Unspun a week I have not seen!' Yes, last wednesday the latest big Spunland update went live to launch the madmunkis into a world of spun fun and pain. It took but five minutes to run into the shop bonus crash bug and find ourselves ejected into the unspun crash void. Oh the horror. The Happy Duke of Spun was summoned regardless and made his first philanthropic foray into Spunland. The Update brought to Spunland and the Spunland Cottage a set of 6 Spunner Posters to find, as many will now know one of these posters is gifted by the Happy Duke, who has since managed to make it it into Spunland every day except Tuesday. If you are hunting for said poster be sure to look out for messages on twitter or facebook heralding The Happy Duke's arrival, I believe he intends to make another appearance today, but details will be posted later.

Uncle Spun got back to Spunland Mansions after much travelling last Friday to be greeted by the spuntastic news that sam_reynolds01 was the first to find all 6 posters and earn his illuminating reward. Not long afterwards Majesty Imhokh and King of Spun Independence the 1st abhraham_us did likewise. Uncle Spun did mention last week that we would create some certificates for those who proved their diligence by posting a picture of their prize on the Spunland facebook, and we will, it has just not been done quite yet...

It was on Tuesday night that Uncle Spun found himself once more in the bleakest pits of the unspun crash void. The first sign that all was not as it should be came with the length of time that PlayStation Home took to start, and as it did so presented screens so old that Uncle Spun began to wonder again about the reality of the Spun Time Machine. What was happening? He arrived in Spunland with not so much as a glimpse of the newsviewer or even message of the day to find things subtly unspun, but as he was almost late to begin the Contest he did not notice at first and after warning all present not to activate the Shop Bonus, left Spunland in order to rejoin. It was on his second  arrival that he saw the face of the Unpsun problem - for him Spunland was adrift in the void, nothing from his Spunland was getting to the others even though he could see and chat with all of the Spunlings present. A third attempt was made to quit and restart, and this seemingly caused some unspun catastrophe as when he returned Spunland was truly empty. Alas.

Some hours later he experienced more or less the same in Spunland NA, only this time he was better prepared and managed, thanks to phatso64, dxkills16, the homeling collective and others to get some truly spuntastic Spunland Photos which have yet to be posted. The 41st Coronation was thus delayed, and Uncle Spun must beg your forgiveness and applaud your patience.

The Update to Home yesterday fixed not only the truly Unspun issues of the day before but also brought the  the Shop Bonus back into use and some other small improvements too - special Spun thanks to Sciotoan68 for revealing the score display bug, that should also consequently be fixed, and whilst one remembers: there is a Spunland Tutorial thread on the Home US forums which many may find helpful, although much of the information is out of date some of it is impressively astute. And so to the Coronations...

There were more than a few new names in Spunland EU to complement the old ones, NarwingStar took the Spun Crown to the first Harvest where he was succeeded by Zouhair11FA, then playaboede_king before Hennryke made his contest debut in a Robo suit. sam_reynolds01 seized the crown from Hennryke then lost it to the belligerently named agianst__you who proved to be no match for the mighty MAXMALO. NarwingStar became the second Harvest King in a cycle which set the rhythm for the remainder of the contest as he, sam_reynolds01, MAXMALO and Hennryke slugged it out over the next 3 Spun Cycles. In the end Hennryke was crowned 41st Spun Majesty of the EU with a spunderfull 31,635 Spun Points!

Spunland NA also saw its fair share of new names, perhaps this is what is required to shake up the old guard and present us with fresh Kings of Spun? Either way skittles2345y got us off to a speedy start and a cycle dominated by names previously unseen to Uncle Spun; lwringer1, niteSkyy and FaLsEhOoD227 all staking their claim before the sartorially spuntastic smokingpistol took charge at the end of the first Spun Cycle. Naughty_Girl_FTW became the first Harvest King of the contest then niteskyy nipped her ambition in the bud before being bested by qtu7tool, sam_reynoldsUS swept in and after a determined tussle with niteskyy and qy7u7tool ended the second cycle with the Crown. The third harvest gave us KAM3RON-916 as it's Harvest King, with Naughty_Girl_FTW and then niteskyy losing out to the determined q7u7tool. For the final harvest FaLsEhOoD227 reappeared and although Ren_echo joined the fray with q7u7tool, sam_reynoldsUS and niteskyy it was tammy21218 saving her well timed gambit for the last minute who went on to be crowned 41st NA Majesty of Spun on a spuntastic 31,014 Spun Points! All Hail!

Next week, unspun interventions permitting the 42nd Kings of Spun will be decided on Tuesday the 12th of August, Spunland EU: 9 - 9.30pm BST and Spunland NA: 4 - 4.30pm PDT/ 7 - 7.30pm EDT. Until then, Stay Spun!

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  1. Wanted to win but realized I woundn't when 14k popped up