Monday 3 November 2014

Majesties of Spuno'ween

How creepy and unspun to stand ashivering in the inky blackness without a single soul in Spunland EU as the contest started... Was it the seasonal changing of the clocks, or simply the darkness of the times. Who knows. Then under008 spawned but paid no heed. madmunkid could wait no longer and seized the crown. He breathed a long sigh of relief as others began to pop in one by one, and more-so when hotbunny4life took the crown for her own.  When the first harvest passed she took the crown again and held it for the whole spun cycle.

The second harvest saw madmunkid as Harvest King until hotbunny4life made her claim. sam_reynolds01 more fitting than ever as a Spunling Ghost reminded all of his prescence as he took the crown for a brief jaunt before dropping it with the onset of the next Spun Storm. hotbunny4life swept it back up.

remember06 took the crown of the final harvest, hotbunny4life snatched it back then began a fierce tussle as Benawat grabbed it and hotbunny4life took it back but then Benawat reclaimed! sam_reynolds01, by his own admission stole the crown from Benawat whilst trying to plant a seed, then dropped it to see hotbunny4life make good her moment and be crowned EU Majesty of Spuno'ween!

Spunland NA was quite a different matter. UncleSpun spawned to find neoflags fluttering in the spuno'ween darkness and the contest began with mighty dxkills16, Happy Spunling mascot of neotopia (some say) in possession of the crown as a Spun Storm drew to a close. UncleSpun could not let the crown lay unclaimed and so became first Harvest King of the contest. goddessbunny42 took the regal prize from him and retained it until the end of the Spun Cycle.

The second full cycle saw many heads wear the crown. Serenity777Angel was the first, followed by JamCarOne. Then dxkills16 for the simple spun fun of it took the crown for a time then dropped it. UncleSpun could not resist and grabbed the spurned crown, to lose it for the second time to goddessbunny42. Ren_Echo, master wordsmith of Spun seized it next, with dxkills16 shortly after reminding him who was boss, then lilmonstersmiler made her first play of the match.

The final harvest started and lilmonstersmiler took the fresh spawned crown and held it, to become NA Majesty of Spuno'ween with 23,852 Spun Points!

The 54th Coronation would take place on the 4th of November - when no one knew what to expect of Spunland - would it be Spuno'ween, Spunmas or just plain Spunland? Either way the time was set for 9pm GMT in the EU and 4pm PST/7pm EST in North America!

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