Wednesday 19 November 2014

Kings of Spunmas

With a sudden blast of snow Spunmas swept in early. The Spunling Ghosts of Spun'oween were banished suddenly as the inky blackness of the spun sky turned a warm red and the land drew on its winter coat of white. One whole month early the season changed. Was it the tumultuous events of autumn which wrought this premature change, or simply some unspun bug in the spinning of the spun?

With winter came the dulling of memory and the slowing of the scribes of Spun. Sleighbells soothed the weary souls like the Spun Doctor's prescription for badly aching teeth, it is time to forget whispered the land of Spun, time to make merry in the face of the long winter night ahead.

The 54th Kings of Spun were crowned in just such circumstances. In a quiet Spunland EU it seemed as though olympiacos4ever would claim the first spun'mas crown, but the changing of the seasons had summoned the veterans of Spun and for simple curiosity of Crowns new, sam_reynolds01 took the title for his own. Across the Great Atlantic the mighty abhraham_us took his due, despite a busy Spunland and even sam_reynoldsUS too.

The 55th EU Coronation was as quiet as it's predecessor. VeiledNeo made her debut in the snow and almost accidentally won, instead xCandyBabex found her head adorned with the Crown at the anointing hour and so became the 55th EU King of Spun - perhaps unknowingly? Spunland NA was thronged with fine contenders and many were the heads to wear the crown, but dxkills16 won the day with an impressive 40,842 Spun Points.

The unexpected season and all the clamoring over the future ensured that few noticed the final pipeline work drawing to completion. The Secret Spunland Crown would spawn at last and other small changes creep into Spunland, or at least would, once Spunmas passed.

And so came to pass the 56th EU coronation. Quiet again and dominated by JohnPlayer67, who for a time must have thought that he would win, but sam_reynolds01 was there to claim the very latest of the crowns. And then again some hours later he re-appeared on the other side of the mighty pond, identical in wearing his lately won Uncle Spun Head. The Spunland which greeted Sam was packed with keen contenders, so much so that this was not the only instance in creation.

Fearsome was the competition as old and new locked horns over the highest Spun prize. Darth-Matt92 was  the surest of them all; gliding, glitching on his skateboard across the snow, he surely held the crown the longest. ReccaWolf put on a proud display and dxkills16 in her Spun'mas tree finery lead spinning Uncle Spun in the dizziest of dances, but sam_reynoldsUS it was who once more claimed the crown, indeed the Secret Crown for the second time that very spun eve. Simultaneously in another Spunland lilmonstersmiler became the 56th NA Majesty of Spun.

And so once more the snow drifts down. Spunmas is set for two whole months, who knows what the New Year may bring? As always the Coronations would continue on a Tuesday...

Spunland EU 9 - 9.30pm GMT, Spunland NA: 4 -4.30pm EST, 6 - 6.30pm CST and 7- 7.30pm EST.

Stay warm & Spun

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