Thursday 28 November 2013

Kings of Spun the 14th...

Hail Spunlings! Apologies for the delay in Uncle Spun's post; it has been a disconcerting week. Yes, for some unspun reason Uncle Spun could not pass through the great Spun Pipeline to Spunland NA on Tuesday evening. Most unsettling to find one's self frozen out of Spunland at such a critical time, but what can be done?

Congratulations to APPIE1615 - the 14th EU King Of Spun. APPIE1615 it seems is one of our more bashful majesties, as Uncle Uncle Spun did not get the honour of conversing with our latest EU monarch. Perhaps one was suffering from the invisibility affliction again (it happens), or maybe APPIE1615 was just too busy with regal appointments. Either way Uncle Spun wishes him well and hopes he enjoys his Spun Crown!

And so our 14th NA coronation occurred 24 hours after it was planned. Uncle Spun arrived in Spunland early to make sure that he could, consequently with his own outsized eyes he saw that Acker55, our 14th NA Spun Majesty was King then as well as 4 hours later!! Yes, Spun Congratulations to Acker55 - majesty of the incredibly large score, spuntastic persistence and no small amount of regal generosity! Uncle Spun was besides himself with joy to photograph our new majesty besides our previous majesty Akina8373 and his other exceptionally well dressed friend phatso! Big Spun thanks to you all!

All things being well next week the coronations will both take place on Tuesday the 3rd of December. Whoever has the Spun Crown at 4pm PST/ 7pm EST in NA and 8pm GMT in the EU will be our 15th Kings of Spun! Note the Spun Engineers are still looking for ways to improve the coronations, although nothing new on this will appear until after Spun'mas... Oh and to all of our Spunling Cousins on the far side of the Great Atlantic - have a truly Spun Thanksgiving!

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