Wednesday 20 November 2013

Kings of Spun the 13th & Spun news

Hail Spunlings! Before getting onto the latest Coronations Uncle Spun has a few pieces of news to relate. First off, today sees the launch of Spun Commerce Items #7 including the Spunny Farthing LMO – a high Spun , not exactly bicycle (it has only one wheel) for you to ride around on (complete with horn to honk), the Spunling Suit Bundle; Happy and Angry Spunling full body suits each with their own emote. These emotional fellows are like somewhat smaller versions of the mighty Dukes of Spun. Finally for your consideration is the Rabbit Hop LMO bundle containing rabbit ears and tail rendered in the 3 Spun Colours for you to Hop about with.

The Spunland Shop Maze has been updated to include the Spunny Farthing for you to try, and a few other new items have been added too – including (drum roll please!) the Spumpkin Broom Broom LMO reward from Spuno’ween! Yes, as promised it’s back for those who missed it and will remain in Spunland until the beginning of Spun’mas. Spuno'ween can also be visited once more from the Spunland Portal Reward and from The Relocator in the Spunland Apartment too.

Spun'mas. Yes, our festive version of Spunland will run from the 11th of December until the 31st, for now all that Uncle Sun can divulge is that Father Spun (or Spunta as the ever uncouth engineers call him) will be visiting, bringing gifts for all good Spunlings. More will be revealed shortly!

And so to the 13th Kings of Spun! Spun Congrats to Imhokh our EU Spun Majesty and Akina8373 Majesty of NA! In Europe it looked for the longest time as though the most alluringly (un)dressed Lady-Melanie was destined to win, when Imhokh swept in from nowhere to seize the crown! As you can see from the pictures erstwhile Majesty Gigizen was present in his Spun Crown, and so Uncle Spun got a pic of the 13th and the 1st EU Kings of Spun together! Calloo, callay, how Spun! Apologies to the disgruntled amedeo83 - it seemed he too was in the regal running but was beset by bugs. Our commiserations and apologies to you sir!

In North America all things Spun were busier and bigger. Indeed there was even a hint of unspun shenanigans, but our new majesty was steadfast and true and won by a large margin! Spun Congratulations to the gracious Akina8373 who even changed into a new costume for her coronation picture! Talking of things Unspun, Uncle Spun was accosted by another previous King of Spun last night, who asked that Uncle Spun remove all reference to him in these missives, your wish is our command, from henceforth you shall be referred to as  John Unspun, thus respecting your desired anonymity. We hope you are happy with that.

Next week, on Tuesday the 26th of November - whoever holds the Spun Crown at 8pm GMT in the EU and 7pm EST/4pm PST in NA will be our 14th Kings of Spun! Hope to see you there!

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