Thursday 7 November 2013

Kings of Spun the 11th and Spuno'ween follow up...

Spun Salutations! Uncle Spun is spuntastically happy to announce that for the first time in over 2 weeks he made it into Spunland to perform the King of Spun Coronations, and so finally we have two new Spun Majesties! Yes, the EU King of Spun is one argonxenon, and our NA King is the mysterious John Unspun! But more on this in a moment...

It has been a very trying and exciting few weeks for us here in Spunland Mansions, what with the horrendously unspun bugs in the last big release, then the excitement and drama of Spuno'ween itself. In case you missed the fuss; it seems that our Chief Spun Engineer had made something of a schoolboy error and consequently Spuno'ween finished more than a little prematurely - at 6pm EST on the 31st as it happens. So after much head scratching, debate and downright argument it has been decided that the Broom Broom LMO will reappear in the Spunland Shop Maze as a free reward on the 20th of November and remain there until at least the 4th of December. That should be plenty of time for any of our deprived American cousins to find this most Spun of rewards. For those who missed out on Spuno'ween itself - well, some round the clock endeavors from our frequently sorry engineers have produced an answer; also from the 20th November the Spunland Portal reward item and the Spunland Relocator in the Spunland Cottage will now provide their users with the option to travel to Spunland in it's Spuno'ween guise. Note that relocating to Spuno'ween from the Spunland Cottage will not provide the usual Daily Score Bonus.

Now to the Coronations. Both the EU and NA were a little quiet last night and devoid of the usual friendly faces that Uncle Spun loves to see so much. Perhaps this is due to the unspun way in which we keep swapping the time and day of these most important of regal occasions, or perhaps a Spunling can only be cast into the great crash void so many times before return becomes impossible... Uncle Spun does not know, but can say with honest confidence that even if things were a little quiet, they were also pleasingly stable.

So the 11th EU King of Spun is the greatly named argonxenon - spun congratulations to you! For a brief moment it looked as though she were going to be pipped to the post by the crazily cartwheeling diablillo_18_bcn, but Spun justice prevailed and she managed to retrieve the freshly harvest-spawned Spun Crown just in the nick of time.

In North America the majestic honour was taken by John Unspun. There were more than a few attempts to thwart his regal ambitions, but John Unspun it seems is an incredibly cool and collected individual. Never before has Uncle Spun seen the bearer of the Spun Crown simply sit down and wait for the Coronation time, and with such confidence! Then, as soon as he accepted the Crown - he vanished! Not a word was exchanged or picture taken! For this empty coronation photo Uncle Spun will not so much apologize as simply extend his heartfealt gratitude to all of our previous Spun Kings, who have always kindly posed for their picture if not conversed with Uncle Spun. As to the enigmatic John Unspun, sir; one hopes that it was some intended inscrutable machination and not mere bashfulness that prompted your sudden disappearance! Spun Congratulations to you!

From next week we will keep the coronations as regular as we can. On Tuesday the 12th of November whoever holds the Spun Crown at 8pm GMT in the EU and 7pm EST/4pmPST in North America will be the 12th Kings of Spun! Have a Spun Week!

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