Saturday 7 September 2013

Kings of Spun the Third

Greetings dear reader and apologies to those of you on the west side of the great Atlantic!
Uncle Spun was not aware that there was to be maintenance work on the North American servers on Thursday, and so had to postpone these most important of regal duties till Friday. Consequently the Kings of Spun are from different days this week, a most perturbatious state of affairs, which we will try hard not to repeat.

Spun congratulations are due to Ageria123 for being the third Spun King of the EU and to TheOriginator36 the  majestic Spun King of NA. One does wonder however if our new majesties are even aware of their elevated status. I tried as hard as I could to engage them in some repartee, but to no avail - is my countenance so grim, or do the Management need to employ some kind of Spun Herald to ensure that Spunlings far and wide know of this most significant of weekly events? Such musings are for the moment no more than rhetorical, since the disapearance of the Spun Queen we have been more than a little short staffed, and hence why Uncle Spun with no particular aptitude for picture taking finds himself on these weekly adventures.

Next week, servers permitting it will be Thursday the 12th of September that our coronations will take place. Whoever holds the Spun Crown at 8pm BST in the EU and 3pm PST in NA will be the Fourth Kings of Spun. See you then, and remember - don't be shy. Have a Spun day!

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