Wednesday 18 September 2013

The Fifth Kings of Spun

Hail Spunlings! This week Uncle Spun is honored to announce the 5th Spun Kings. Both the EU and the NA servers were pleasantly busy with spunling activity and Uncle Spun would be a little despondant were it not for the fact, as he often finds in Spunland, that he learned something new. Let me explain...

The 5th Spun King of the EU is majesty KSA-al-azwry - Spun congratulations to her! However Uncle Spun is not fluent in whatever language that KSA-al-azwry employs. His ignorance shames him, but draws to attention that the Spun King of the EU, is of the EU servers which actually host a much greater swathe of this many colored world than just the European Union; it takes in Russia, parts of Western Asia and even as far flung places such as the vast Antipodean Islands!

In North America Uncle Spun found communication a little easier for his linguistically challenged brain. Spun congratulations are due to our glamorous (and not a little incredulous) Majesty LadySookie! Once again it seemed to Uncle Spun that too many Spunlings were unaware of the portentous regal event in which they were taking part, but this should in no way tarnish the majestic achievement of LadySookie. I am told that the Spun Engineers are hard at work on this communication problem, and that at some point in the near future there will be exclusive rewards for our future majesties, but more on this when it gets somewhat closer.

Talking of the future, the 6th King of Spun will be whoever holds the Spun Crown in the EU at 8pm BST, and in NA at 3pm PST on Tuesday the 24th September. Until then, have a Spun time!

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