Friday 30 August 2013

The Second Kings of Spun!

Welcome dear reader to my ongoing attempts to catalogue the glorious majesty of the Spun Kings! This week I was spuntastically gratified to find that sam_reynolds01 was to become the Spun King of the EU! This will no doubt ease some consciences down in engineering, those who caught my missive last week will know to what I refer, and that's the last that will be said about the matter. Spun congratulations Sam!

The situation in North America was... rather more Spun than I was expecting. Yes, our second Spun Majesty of the Americas was none other than a certain bettyboop_001. No matter how much I tried, bettyboop_001 would neither not stop for a photo, or utter a word, which is perhaps not entirely surprising as she moved with a speed which frankly I have never seen. One does wonder how such a thing is possible? Anyway, congratulations to you too, oh spun speedy one, bettyboop_001.

Next week I'll be on my coronation photography duties on Thursday the 5th of September, at 3pm PST in North America, and 8pm BST in old Europe. See you then, if not before at this week's Spunday Sunday! Caio for now.

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