Saturday 24 August 2013

The First Spun King

Spun salutations to you, dear reader. Uncle Spun has has found himself busier than usual this week, and indeed performing tasks for which he had no known aptitude. On Friday, at the behest of engineering he ventured into Spunland - on both sides of the great Atlantic! - to photograph the first Kings of Spun. Much as this was a great honour I feel that my inexperience with such technical equipment has resulted in images which do no justice to the First Majestys of Spun, and for this I apologize from the bottom of my spun heart. Next week I will have a much better idea of what to expect and shall not fumble the camera contraption quite so much, I promise you.

It seems that this ceremony of picture taking makes the King at that very moment, the Spun King of the week. You may be interested to hear that I brought to engineering's attention the inherent unfairness of this, especially as I saw the valiant Spunling Sam Reynolds fall prey to unspun bugs and lose an honour which should rightly have been his! The tirade of abuse that I received upon making this assertion is a keen indicator that the engineers know they are at fault, but not yet what they will do about it.

In the meantime it is left only for me to congratulate GigiZen and Shinra_Soldier7 on being the first Spun Kings and to tell everyone else that I shall be back in Spunland with my camera on August the 29th, at 4pm PST in North America and 8pm GMT in the European Union. Until then here are the pictures, have a Spun day...

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