Wednesday 26 February 2014

Kings of Spun the 19th!

Spun Salutations to you, on this bright and sunny spun day and Spun Congratulations to our latest Spun Majesties, neither of whom are strangers to the honour - sam_reynolds01 King of the EU and StealingHearts, once more Spun Majesty of North America! All Hail!

Before Uncle Spun regales you with the details of yesterday's spun contest he would like to say a few words on the subject of... well, competing. One has noticed that occasionally when one of our celebrated erstwhile Majesties enters the coronation contest, and indeed especially when by their own hard efforts they win it again - they become the target of some unspun abuse. Uncle Spun can totally understand that perhaps the high spirits of the contest can lead a spunling to get carried away, but please if you consider yourself to be a loser, do try to be a good one! No one is cheating here, and should you suffer from an Unspun Crash whilst engaged in the contest then direct your spleen at Uncle Spun, for he must carry the can for unspun bugs. Sam scored 35k points last night - he had a scheme for doing this, but that is one which is open to any who might discover the most efficient ways of harvesting the Spun... One is sure there must be some clues around here somewhere.

And so to the contests. As with most weeks EU Spunland was quiet in comparison to NA, but that did not prevent a proper spun contest for the Crown. Over the course of 4 Spun Storms and 3 Spun harvests the crown changed heads many times. Last week's EU Majesty BlueCirrus made a valiant effort to retain the title, and Atazagorafobia (spuntastic name!) and JohnPlayer67 made great efforts to take it, but were pipped to the proverbial post by sam_reynolds01 with his mighty 35k points! Which also, given that he was 18th Spun Majesty of NA, meant that for a whole 4 hours he was King on both sides of the Great Atlantic! Truly, all hail!

North America was a different spun affair, all busy and bustling, but the contest was more constrained as our lady of the Spun StealingHearts consistently saw off all contenders, indeed without a doubt our new NA majesty must now hold the record for the longest time any spunling has managed to hold the crown throughout a contest. Uncle Spun was most dizzy from concentrating so much on following her! This is not to say that there were no contenders, far from it, ReccaWolf and smokingpistol turned in fine performances, but alas could not match the 20k Spun of StealingHearts. Congrats again Spun Majesty!

Next week, Tuesday (4th March): 8 - 8.30pm GMT in the EU and 4 - 4.30pm PST / 7 -7.30pm EST in NA - Uncle Spun hopes to see you there for the 20th Coronation Contest! Until then, stay Spun!

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