Friday 14 February 2014

First 21014 Kings of Spun and Update

Spun salutations & Happy Valentines all! Last night saw the return of the King of Spun contests after a lengthy absence whilst the Spun engineers worked furiously away on the mechanics of Spun. It is with spuntastic pleasure that Uncle Spun announces our first Kings of Spun of 21014, and on Spunland's first birthday too! Yes, Spun congratulations to monopolheat our new EU King and to StealingHearts our first NA majesty of 2014!

It was a busy bustling Spunland on both sides of the Great Atlantic, indeed Spunland NA was the busiest Uncle Spun has ever seen, in no small part due to phatso64 and the Homeling Collective - big spun thanks to them! In the EU the chief contenders to the Spun Crown were Recca_Gundam and our new King monopolheat, with a few brief forays from piratedragon. Mention must be made of RAPIDMOBIL, who believes he was unfairly cheated of the crown, not by foul play one must hasten to add, but perhaps due to an unspun bug... Uncle Spun had an almighty crash as soon as he granted monopolheat the Spun Crown, leading him to believe that there may have been a problem caused by network lag. This is not to say that there may be a few new unspun bugs loose in Spunland - but more of that in a moment.

Yes, North America was frantically lively, to list all of the contenders would require a very big page. ReccaWolf and tiekiller most likely had the crown for the greatest length of time (after our new reigning King that is), although honourable mention must be made of the prolific Sam Reynolds who competed in both Coronations, and our erstwhile King Akina who graced us with his Crown wearing presence. In the end there was no disputing that Stealing Hearts of the Homeling Collective won! All hail these our First Kings of 2014 and all who took part! Callooh! Callay!

Before signing off with next week's coronation dates, Uncle Spun must note that we have noticed a few bugs in the latest update, the most obvious being that the spun plants do not always seem to die during a storm. This is a particular shame as it means amongst other things that there will not be as many rabbits to catch as there otherwise might be. It also means that all things spunwise might get a little bit out of sync, eventually causing an unspun crash. If you spot any particular bugs, have a crash or are bursting with feedback then please let us know, leaving comments here, on the facebook or twitter and we will always do our best to respond (note the bonus for wearing spun suits was suggested by Tarazuma of NA - although that was via a forum post). The Spun Engineers will shortly be attending to the latest bugs and tweaking further the mechanics of Spun, we will let you know when such improvements are imminent. In the meantime..

From next week the Coronations will return to the usual Tuesday (18th February) slot: EU 8 - 8.30pm GMT and NA 4 - 4.30pm PST / 7 - 7.30pm EST. Until then keep it Spun!

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