Wednesday 16 October 2013

Kings of Spun the 9th

Hello. It is a dark day at Spunland Mansions. The Chief Spun Engineer has suggested that my name be changed from Uncle Spun to Uncle Sorry. That's not exactly what he said, but it's all I can say for fear of causing offense. Yes, there were a few problems at last night's Coronations – and that during the North American ceremony was entirely my fault. I beg your pardon, especially from Majesty Sam Reynolds. The problems in Europe however were not exactly my fault, so after much heated debate the chief Spun Engineer has agreed to come here in person to 'explain'. But first to the ceremonies...

So our 9th Kings of Spun are GigiZen and sam_reynoldsUS. Spun congratulations to you – and it must be noted that both have been Kings of Spun before! Gigizen our latest EU majesty was also our first! But as with last week there was no little acrimony due to other competing spunlings falling foul of unspun crashes. Uncle Spun must consequently extend apologies and beg patience from Zakawiia and richrich1991 in particular.

In the US it was once more the mighty Sam Reynolds who took the crown, only in his US guise, which makes him the first Spunling to have been Spun Majesty in both territories! Super Spun Congratulations, and apologies again also. Uncle Spun was not in best form when he travelled across the Great Atlantic last night, the volatile nature of Spunland EU made every minute that he trailed the bearer of the Spun Crown a tension laden tribulation, a veritable fulcrum of torment! Yes, in desperate relief Uncle Spun offered the Crown to Sam, but a moment too late – the Spun Crown had just despawned, and there being no King of Spun, everything froze. Crash. Apologies. It won't happen again. At least, not like that. Promise.

And now let me introduce the chief Spun Engineer, be warned he can be somewhat uncouth and generally a little incomprehensible...

Aye, hello. Embarrassment is no something we usually have time for down in engineering, or apologies either – but eh, I hear we need to. So, sorry. There, that's that. Now the explaining bit. Some of the pipes in the darkest, smelliest parts of engineering have been there for quite a long time now, and when they were laid we had no idea what they were eventually gonna be asked to do. The thing is, since then we've grafted on all manner of new contraptions, and some of it doesny work so well wi the old pipes. Am telling you this as much as anything, 'cause next wednesday the latest upgrade work will go live, and the new spun will come flooding down them pipes and I for one am terrified. You see the latest work we've just finished was a huge job. We were working virtually round the clock to get it done, and I know that when the tap is turned there's bound to be quite a few eh... springs and leaks. Anyway – right now we're binding up our noses and heading back down to the stinky parts of the engine room to take a look at them old pipes. As soon as we possibly can we'll get the whole blinking thing upgraded – you hafta understand but, they never give us enough workers for rzzzfrrzgh...

And there you have it from the Chief Spun Engineer. Next week, on Tuesday the 22nd, whoever holds the Spun Crown at 8pm BST in the EU and 3pm PST in NA will be the 10th Kings of Spun! Hope to see you there!

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